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Work Zone ITS Travel Time Segments


Work Zone ITS Systems have been designed to relay to the motorist the travel time that it takes to pass through the upcoming construction work zone.

The dashboard summary below identifies specific work zone segments or entire corridors by direction and reports the travel time for that segment. Time periods can be selected from the drop down menu.

For those reports that include the past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 13 months, the summary includes:

  • The length of the segment by mile and the direction of travel.
  • The travel time for the AM and PM commute.
  • The time frame was defined by the time of day where the largest volume of traffic occurs.
  • The time periods are 5 to 9 am for the morning commute and from 6 to 7 pm for the evening commute.
  • The last column shows the time it would take to move through that segment if the traveler was traveling at the posted speed limit.

For the data report from the Previous Day, there are 4 time periods that are reported for the corridor segments:

6 AM to 9 AM 9 AM to 12 NOON 12 NOON to 3 PM 3 PM to 7 PM

Special Reports can be requested to access data for non-standard specific time frames. There is a request form available on the TSMO Internal webpage. There is a 48 hour turnaround time to receive the data once TSMO receives the request form.

All columns in the summary below are sortable.

Select a Time Period: