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Safety Patrol


NHDOT Safety Patrol (SP) responds mostly to minor incidents by offering assistance to disabled vehicles or drivers. SP assists in moving debris out of the roadways; assists in traffic control operations during initial stages of major incidents and provides valuable traffic and incident scene information back to appropriate NHDOT personnel.

Patrols currently operate on I-93 year round with service from Salem to Manchester.

Patrols also currently operate on I-95 year round with service extending onto the Spaulding Turnpike to Exit 9 during the off-summer months.

Patrols currently operate on the Everett Turnpike year round with service from Nashua to Concord.


Improve departmental service and meet customer expectations when responding to minor incidents that increase travel delay.


Minimize average call duration and log all incidents encountered. Work to receive 80% feedback from assisted motorists to further improve services.

Performance Measures   Thank a Driver

Performance Measures

Customer Testimonials

"I broke down on an extremely cold (4 degrees) morning on my way to work. Driver invited me to stay in his warm truck and waited there with me for 45 minutes until the tow truck arrived. Driver was very friendly and helpful."

(I-93) 2-1-19

"Driver saw me on the side of I-93 and stopped to change my tire. It was super easy and quick, the service is awesome. Thank you."

(I-93) 1-27-19

"My right front tire blew out while I was driving on Route 93 last night. I was able to get off at the next exit and pull way over onto the shoulder. It seemed like only seconds that the Safety Patrol truck pulled up behind me. The Driver's name is Julian and he got my tire changed quickly and got me safely back on the road. A huge thank you to him and to the State Farm Assist Patrol Program."

(I-93) 1-7-19

"Jim MacNichol was the nicest person I have came across. He saw me pulled over and came over to check on me and saw I had a baby in my car and let me know he is staying behind me until my boyfriend arrives. 10-15 minutes went by and he came over and let me knowthat if my son and I got cold we could sit in his truck. He stayed the whole time and made sure me and my son safe he deserves huge recognition!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 2-22-19

"I pulled over to side of Route 95 S with car issues, called AAA and waited over an hour. I then received a call from AAA that they were having trouble finding me. But as soon as I received their call, a NH DOT truck pulled up behind me. I explained what happened, and though my gas gauge had "2 bars" and showed I had 40 miles left before "E", Chris from NH Dot explained I could still need gas and that because I was going uphill, my engine wasn't getting enough fuel. Chris made sure I was back safe in my car and he put gas in the tank. My car started right up he was right! Chris followed me to make sure my car was driving ok and I was able to get to the nearest exit, where I proceeded to go to the nearest gas station to fill my tank. Chris was very helpful and I was so thankful he arrived when he did!"

(I-95) 2-22-19

"I was stuck on the side of busy 93. My husband's car had a flat tire and NHDOT came out and attempted to put the spare on but they could not get the lug nuts off so I had to call a tow company to come and tow it. New Hampshire DOT was very nice and apologized for not being able to remove the tire."

(I-93) 12-10-18

"Chris T. brought me some gas at the Hampton area toll booth. Annie inside the toll booth office called them and offered assistance. Thank you!"

(I-95) 12-19-18

"We ran out of fuel on I-93 and Julian gave us enough gas to make it to a station to fill up! He was extremely helpful and kind!"

(I-93) 12-9-18

"Chris was amazing, I ran out of gas, he saw me from the other side of the highway. Luckily I was near the toll and it was about 10 minutes after I pulled over that he found me. He got some gas in my car and helped me on my way. He was so nice and very professional."

(I-95) 11-9-18

"I was driving a different car than I usually do and didn't realize the gas light didn't work so, ran out of gas. I called AAA and expected I would be waiting 40 minutes or more. Almost immediately Chris pulled up behind me with his flashing lights!. I was so confused as to how AAA sent someone so quickly when I had JUST hung up the phone! Chris explained who he was, and I cancelled the AAA call. It is scary to be alone in the dark on the side of a busy highway but Chris was incredibly friendly and immediately put me at ease. He put some gas in my tank and I was on my way in 5 minutes."

(I-95) 11-18-18

"I was heading home from work from Dover NH. Pitch black night on the Spaulding Northbound and, as it turns out, my fuel pump failed and I lost all power to the car. I was barely able to get the car passed the white line and out of heavy fast moving traffic. I'm in a black car, the flashers are starting to dim from lack of battery and I'm in a real situation. I got out of the car, thinking I didn't want to be in it when it was hit. And then I realize, I'm wearing a black coat. Nobody sees me. Anyway, as I'm wrapping up my call to AAA, I see Martin Whelan pulling up behind my car with his truck and yellow flashers that scream out to travelers that they to slow down and give some space....what a service!! He even had me climb up in the cab so I so I could stay warm until the flatbed got there. Frankly, you never really pay attention to your trucks until the moment you need it. But on this particular night, I needed some help and help arrived in the form of Mr. Whelan. He stayed with me until the flatbed came and assisted the driver making sure he could do his job in safety. First class service and its MUCH appreciated!! Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas! THANK YOU MARTIN!!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 12-12-18

"As I was waiting along the side of 93 south bound just past the Hookset tolls for the roadside assistance provided by my insurance company, when DOT truck pulled up behind me and with in 10 minutes I was back on the road!! Very kind and friendly and would not accept a tip! I am very thankful for the help provided."

(I-93) 11-4-18

"I was traveling with my 2 sons and the Service Patrol driver assisted me by helping to change my flat and get me safely back on my way. He was very informative about the area's repair facilities, as well."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-25-18

"I ran out of gas and Chris was a god send pulling over to assist me before I even had time to ask for help. He saved my day and got me out of a terrible situation as there were no gas stations for miles."

(I-95) 11-6-18

" I was northbound on I-95 whem my tire blowout. Arvid P. Bacon pulled up behind me to provid much needed safety. My jack was useless and he offered me help with his jack and lug nut power tool. It made what could have been a long dangerous afternoon in to a 10 minute tire change. Thanks again Arvid."

(I-95) 9-27-18

"The Service Patrol driver, Jim, saw us pulled over on I95 with a shredded tire and quickly and courteously changed it for us. Thanks to his great work we were able to make it Fenway Park for the first pitch of the game. "

(I-95) 9-12-18

"I was traveling with my 2 sons and the Service Patrol driver assisted me by helping to change my flat and get me safely back on my way. He was very informative about the area's repair facilities, as well. "

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-25-18

"Martin Whelan pulled up after my rear tire blew apart while I was towing my boat back from a weekend of fishing. He said no problem I can fix that for you, and that is what he did. He was very pleasant and extremely helpful."

(I-95) 9-1-18

"Service Patrol driver pulled up behind me when I was stranded on 95 N, at about mile marker 5.0, just before the tolls. My vehicle was over heated and steam started coming out from under the hood. He assessed the situation and added anti-freeze to the vehicle. Thanl You."

(I-95) 8-26-18

"Another driver stopped to help me with a flat tire. Lee from safety patrol stopped shortly after and had more tools to help. Very thankful for both Lee and Angel and his family for stopping and getting my flat changed."

(I-93) 9-28-18

"Had a flat tire and was working on the repair when Phillip Schoenheit with NH DOT arrived! I was far more comfortable with his truck parked behind me with large flashing lights while working on the side of a highway. We were able to plug the tire and Philip had a compressor on board to fill the tire back up in no time. Thanks Phil!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 7-14-18

"The Service Patrol driver was there within minutes of my engine blowing and then came back to check on us three more times before the state police arrived to assist us. We were two females stuck for 3 and a half hours on the side of the highway where 5 different highways intersect and AAA was refusing to come get us for the first two hours of our wait. Bernie helped us feel safe and cared for when no one else seemed to want to help us! Being so far from home and unsure of our surroundings we were so grateful for Bernie, and he went the extra mile and kept coming back! He could have just said well I checked on them, I did my job but he came back 3 more times!!!!! In this day and age of employees who don’t want to even do their job or do the bare minimum, he really impressed us with his great concern! I thank God Bernie was there."

(I-93) 9-16-18

"I had run out of gas on my way home from work and this awesome angel wearing a yellow vest pulled up in an orange truck and gave me enough gas to get to the Hooksett Welcome Center to fill-up. If he had not been there it would have been a long time getting home to my kids. Thank you."

(I-93) 7-3-18

"We had a flat tire on the Spaulding Turnpike during rush hour on Friday, July 13, and were quite frightened of the traffic. The patrol safety driver, Martin, stopped to assist us. We had already made contact with the car dealership for help, but Martin asked us if we would like him to stay with us while we waited since it would take over an hour because of the traffic. We were very appreciative of his presence which made us feel very safe (we are 3 sisters all over 70). Thank you for your assist patrol service!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 7-13-18

"Service Patrol Driver saw me on the shoulder of the road and stopped to help change a flat tire. Thank you"

(I-93) 6-14-18

"I was on my way to my niece's wedding at The Bedford Inn . I was doing a reading but, got so off course I would have definitely been late for the wedding if I hadn't run into Sean. He was on the side of an exit that I got off on. He could tell that just giving me directions would not help because I was so frazzled. He actually had me follow him right to the Bedford Inn! So thankful for people/workers like Sean! Thank you so much Sean!"

(I-93) 6-3-18

"He pulled over as I was standing outside on the first snow day of the year staring at a flat tire. With a pleasant smile he asked me how he could assist. He offered to help replace the tire which I was extremely grateful for. We then came to realize there was no spare tire but instead a spray and a pump. He was not diswayed and proceeded to open up the packaging and assembled it. Unfortunately it didn’t work and I had to call roadside assistance, but he stayed with me until the tow truck arrived. Made me feel safer. THANK YOU JIM!"

(I-93) 12-9-17

"Service Patrol Driver saw me on the shoulder of the road, car was over heating, he updated me on the arrival time of AAA. Thank you."

(I-95) 6-29-28

"I ran out of fuelon a 20 degree day, Service Patrol saved me, thank you."

(I-95) 12-21-17

"Chris found me on the side of the highway on my Monday morning ride to work. He offered me a warm seat in the DOT truck while I waited for the tow truck. However, he discovered all I needed was some gas so I could make it to the next gas station. He was an angel in disguise, and for that I am grateful."

(I-93) 11-27-17

"I hope this is the right outlet for this information. I just wanted to say, thank you! Yesterday, I was leaving work during rush hour and my SUV suddenly stopped. I was able to safely pull to the side of the highway. No more than five minutes went by before a DOT worker, by the name of John, pulled over to assist. In just a few short minutes he had me up and running again. I know the dangers of being stopped on a major highway with cars flying by, because of guys likee John stranded motorists get home to their families safely. Thank you John for risking your own safety to make sure I made it home to my six kids in one piece. We are very grateful. Not only were you fast and efficient, but so gracious. I tried many times to tip him and he just would not accept. He instead said, It's what we do. State Farm and NH DOT have teamed up for this program, and just want to make sure you are safe. I can not thank you enough!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-25-17

"I had a flat tire on I-95 at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon , the Service Patrol driver saw me and stopped to help. The driver was extermely professional and courteous and the service was excellent. Thank you."

(I-95) 9-1-17

"I was traveling to the lakes region with my 2 children and our kitten when we unexpectedly got a flat tire. My husband was at least 45 minutes away and I was worried that I'd have to sit on the highway on a Friday during rush hour. I looked up in my mirror and magically their appeared an orange DOT truck with it's lights on. I was so relieved. The older gentleman got out and offered to change my tire for me. He was very kind, funny (which I need at this point), and quick. I wasn't thinking clearly and never did get his name but I sure wish I knew it so I could give him the shout out he deserves. I also learned a lesson, carry cash when traveling. I feel bad I wasn't able to offer him any type of tip for his service to show him my appreciation but I never carry cash on me. I only hope he knows how grateful I am."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-25-17

"Service Patrol driver,Tim from Hooksett Turnpikes, helped my wife when she got a flat tire on I93 below the tolls. She couldn't find all the tools in the trunkand I was on my way from Hill, NH to help. I was relieved to get the text that he had shown up to help. I work NH DOT District 2 and incidents like this make me even prouder to be a part of such a great team."

(I-93) 10-13-17

"I had gotten a flat tire and within 5 minutes, a patrol driver had pulled up behind me and offered to change my tire for me. Within 20 minutes I was back on the road! So much more convenient than dealing with AAA!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-11-17

"830-9, arrived at the scene of my Honda CRV breakdown about 5:30 p.m. shortly after I pulled off the highway. Being a senior citizen widow from MA & travelling alone, I was desperate to find out what had caused the appallingly loud noise that my car was making. Trucks and cars in rush hour traffic sped by inches away (I felt their speed), and I was afraid to walk around my car & look underneath the body to analyze the situation. Fortunately, the bright lights of the Emergency Patrol truck appeared in the breakdown lane behind me, and I was overjoyed to see Erik come to help me. He calmly asked what happened, I had no answers for the breakdown, so he started to walked around my car. He got no further than the rear left tire, which he told me was blown out and he could fix it for me if I had a spare. Yes, this wonderful person was going to help me! Yes, he smiled and assured me that it was his job to help stranded motorists. Thank you, Erik. What a wonderful person he is, he saw I was very upset and he was very reassuring. He took off the shreds of my tires, put the undamaged rim in my trunk, and answered my questions on how to drive back to Massachusetts on a spare, little tire. He saved my day, he helped me to continue my journey, and he confirmed my faith in New Hampshire, as a state empathetic and aware of the needs of travelers in their fine state. Thank you, Erik, you fixed my tire, you helped me, you provided a little bit of humor ↦ a lot of comfort for a very frightened driver! And you were were masterful and quick with fixing my tire. Thank you NH DOT and State Farm for this wonderful service."

(I-95) 9-12-17

"I suddenly had a flat tire right after passing the toll on Route 16 and had to pull over. I've changed tires before, but the nuts were too tight for me to take off on my own. I was about to call for assistance when the patrol driver came over, and immediately offered his help. I told him my problem and he brought out his power tools. The nuts of the tire came off quickly and my spare was on in no time. Phillip was very courteous, helpful, and friendly to talk to. He was fast at work, but also let me take care of my tire myself after he had solved the problem, which I greatly appreciated. I'm very thankful for Phillip and for the DOT State Farm Assist Patrol Program!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-6-17

"Where do I start? I would like thank New Hampshire DOT and their agent Jake. Also a shout out to State Farm for partnering with New Hampshire DOT in their Assist Patrol. I was stranded on the Everett Turnpike with a dead battery. The State Police officer said he would send along a truck, Assist Patrol sent Jake. We got the vehicle jump started so away we went. Later in stop and go traffic it stopped again, luckily for me Jake was right behind me. I pulled off the road but this time I told him jumping it again would not be effective. He asked me if I could buy a new battery. I said no that I am a student living on a fixed income. He said he would check with his supervisor wait in my car. He then said we would take the battery and get a new one. I told him I would repay him he said not to worry about it then. We got the battery and installed it. I once again asked how I would repay him. He said it was on New Hampshire DOT don't worry about it. So once again thank you for coming to the aid of a helpless but thankful citizen of New Hampshire."

(I-93) 7-31-17

"I blew a tire on the Everett Turnpike in NH and the patrol driver changed my tire for me! He arrived and was finished changing the tire when AAA arrived. I felt safer after he arrived with the flashing lights. Thank you."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 7-23-17

"Talk about great timing and a great guy. Chris assisted me today on my way home from New Hampshire to Massachusetts with my two children in the car. I was pulled over in the breakdown lane on NH 101 getting ready to go on RT 3 south when my tire went flat. Chris was in the safety patrol vehicle pulling on the highway, saw my flashers and came to the rescue. The cars were flying by so fast, I was afraid he would get hurt trying to help us out. He lit a flare and did not skip a beat, He knew exactly what he was doing and I have never seen anyone change a tire as fast as he did. I tried to give him some money for his great deed and he would not accept it, he gave the money back and told me to take the kids for ice cream and bring the smiles back on our faces. I cannot thank him enough for his help and calm manner. He truly was our Night and Shinning Armor today!"

(I-93) 7-16-17

"I had a tire blow out on I-95 heading north and he stayed behind my truck while we fixed the tire and thank God he did because he also helped us with water and with airing up the new tire that we had! He was a great help and went way out of his way to make sure we were safe in the prosses! Thank you Scott!"

(I-95) 7-10-17

"I had a flat tire that I attempted to change myself. I got the lug nuts off but the tire was stuck on. I was sitting there contemplating my next move when the State Farm New Hampshire DOT safety patrol truck pulled up. The vehicle operator was Cory. He was extremely helpful and accommodating. He got the tire off, installed the spare, found the nail causing the flat and put everything back in the trunk of the car. He did a great job and saved me a lot of time. Thank you Cory, State Farm and New Hampshire DOT "

(Spaulding Turnpike) 7-12-17

"We had just passed the tolls coming from Merrimack towards Boston and this man named Chris kindly came over to us on the side of the road within 5 minutes, he was so helpful and asked us if we were okay. We told him we had a puncture in the wheel and he did not hesitate to tell us he would change it free of charge. We were rushing for a flight in Boston and he had the wheel changed within 10 minutes. The weather conditions were shocking and it was raining very heavily, this did not stop him., he was so helpful and explained to us how to drive with the new wheel, to make sure we were safe. I would highly recommend this man. He was helpful and really reassured us. I would rate this service 10 out of 10."

(I-93) 6-16-17

"I was on Rt 93 south bound 2.4 mile marker. I had a flat tire on my travel trailer and in need of lug wrench to be able to change to my spare. I made a call to Good Sams and was told that I would have wait several hrs before help wold arrive. About 10 mins after a N.H. DOT driver rolled up behind my camper. I explained my problem and he help me jack up my camper and change my bad tire. I was Sitting in 85 degree heat waiting for service I was paying for with Good Sam and not knowing when they would show up. I didn't know that N.H. offered such and great service. I do hope to visit N.H. In the future , I do hope to drive on your highways with no mechanical breakdowns but know that if I do I can count on DOT to be there. Thank you for assistance . I did not get the drivers name who help me , but he did say in just starting his shift."

(I-93) 8-6-17

"Assisted with replacing a flat tire. The doughnut was attached under the vehicle, with a wierd 5-sided nut, that my normal tire lug wrench did not work on. Jim - who arrived within minutes of me having a flat - was able to retrieve the doughnut even though he did not have a proper wrench bit. He further helped with replacing the tire and got us on our way. I have roadside assistance - but they would not have arrived for at least another hour, given it was 4th of July holiday. So the help was very very appreciated. Thanks you ! I did not know such a service existed and was very pleasently surprised. I rarely get such courteous service, even when paid for, an this was freely rendered. Statefarm just shot up head and shoulders above everyone else."

(I-95) 7-4-17

"Thank you to John M. for changing my tire, in a flash, on Route 95 this week. It was scary being stuck with traffic rushing by. He felt like an angel. I'm sure this service saves lives. Thank you for providing it."

(I-95) 6-28-17

"Our gas gauge malfunctioned and we ran out of gas. Jim put several gallons in the tank and gave us directions to the nearest gas station. Thank you."

(I-95) 6-19-17

"Cory changed my trailer tire on the shoulder of NH 16. Thank you."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 7-8-17

"I just had a flat tire but, was missing my jack. Philip, from Safety Patrol, arrived and very quickly fixed my issue. Thank you so much for providing this service!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-2-17

"Joe helped change my tire !!!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-29-17

"Safety Patrol driver John M. arrived as I getting ready to change a flat tire on the side of I-95, I might still be there if he hadn't arrived when he did and my family would still be waiting for me ast the medical clinic. I didn't know this service existed. John arrived at just the right time and I am so grateful for his help."

(I-95) 6-12-17

"I popped a tire. My phone was dying, and I called my family. While I was on the phone, the NH Safety truck arrived. I have no idea if someone had called them, but they arrived not even 2 minutes after I had popped the tire. The driver of the safety truck introduced himself, when I explained I had a flat tire and I had a spare in the trunk. He said, he would change the tire and he would do everything for free. Within 10 minutes I was back on the road. What would of taken a couple hours, took a couple minutes. Two words ... Life saver!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-2-17

"Service Patrol driver assisted me as I helped my Dad out with a flat tire and dead battery."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 5-2-17

"Safety Patrol driver saw me on the shoulder of I-93 with a flat tire, he stopped and changed it for me."

(I-93) 6-1-17

"Assist Patrol agent John M. noticed my predicament right away, because I no sooner had my spare tire out and John was right there. He told me don't worry about getting your jack out because he had a floor jack and an power wrench. The tire was off in a short time and the spare on and ready to go. I don't think I was stopped more than about 20 minutes. John was very courteous and knowledgeable and want to thank him again and thanks to your organization."

(I-95) 4-6-17

"Service Patrol drivers helped me change a flat tire on the Everett TPK."

(I-93) 5-3-17

"I ran out of gas and was stranded without a cell phone, Cory came to my rescue I would like to really thank Cory if not for him I would still be sitting on the side of the road."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 3-17-17

"I was travelling on I-93 South at about 6:30 am, when I got a flat tire in the vicinity of Exit 1. I took the exit and managed to get my car to as safe an area as possible, but still I did not feel comfortable as it was just around dawn and visibility was not the best. As I retrieved my spare from the trunk, Service Patrol employee Chris Rose pulled in behind my car with his bubble lights flashing. My tire was changed within 15 minutes and I was on my way. Truly a lifesaver! Thank you so much for this service."

(I-93) 3-13-17

"On my way to work, I had run out of gas in my vehicle (my fault completely as I thought I had just enough to make it-- Wrong, obviously!). I was stranded on the highway and had frantically called my husband, who was also at work, to come to my rescue. Fortunately, one of your kind patrol drivers, spotted me and was able to put 2 gallons of gas in my car. I was back on my way to work in a minutes and I am truly thankful as I would have waited at least an hour otherwise. It saved me a lot of time and stress. The patrol driver was incredibly helpful and professional and I think it's great that NH offers this service."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 2-3-17

"A tire on our car blew out while our 16 year old was driving on Route 93 in NH near Exit 1 this morning around 6:45AM. He was headed to school. TMC Help personnel ensured that our son was safe, secured the area around the car, and immediately went to work changing out the tire. We appreciate this service!"

(I-93) 3-1-17

"John of NH DOT pulled up behind us soon after we had a blown rear tire - just as we were calling AAA. He knew exactly how to retrieve the spare tire from our truck's undercarriage - of which I had no clue (and the info was not in the Owner's Manual!). He was incredibly pleasant - especially considering how cold and windy it was last night. And he probably saved us at least an hour or so wait for AAA. This is an invaluable service and we thank State Farm for providing it."

(I-95) 1-25-17

"My gas gauge failed and I ran out of gas. I saw flashing lights and thought a wrecker pulled up but it was a NH DOT worker who asked I if I needed help. I told him that I'd run out of gas and he said he could help, his name was Bernie, he gassed me up and even made sure that I made it to the gas station a mile down the highway, Thanks State Farm you guys are life savers."

(I-93) 1-30-17

"My 19 year old son was on his way to work at 5a when his front tire flew off into the distance. My son was lucky to not have crashed; he managed to pull over onto the side of the road where he called me frantic. I hopped into my truck to race to him, before I got there the highway patrol gentleman Chris had arrived on scene. He let my son sit in his warm truck while they waited for me. When I arrived Chris explained to me what happened, how long I had to remove the car, etc.. At that point we had not been able to locate the tire & rim, because it was still very early & dark out. I gave him my number so he could contact me if he found the tire. I fully expected to never find the missing pieces to my son’s car, but soon after daylight hit I received a text message that he found both the tire & the rim (which I may add was in several pieces, which he explained were strewn over about 1/4 mile area. Rather than putting me at risk by meeting at the car, he had me meet him off of an exit where he put the pieces into the back of my truck. I could not thank him enough! He was more than just helpful; he went above &amo; beyond his call of duty in order to help me. I'm fairly certain that I am not the only person that Chris has assisted to this degree. His manners & level of respect were phenomenal, being a woman alone dealing with this situation could have potentially been a more harrowing experience. Instead, he turned a scary situation with my son & his car, in the dark, on the highway, into a more tolerable, and more manageable event. While I hope I don't need to utilize this service again in this way, it certainly makes the thought of a potential situation way less intimidating."

(I-93) 1-16-17

"Kevin was very helpful when I had a flat tire at 4pm on Dec 9, 2016 on I-93N after exit, in very cold conditions as darkness was falling. He advised me to get into my car (below freezing at the time), and parked his truck behind my car to protect it from oncoming traffic - with his flasshing lights on. This was most helpful as it took the state police about 90 minutes to arrive on site, with a tow truck. "

(I-93) 12-9-16

"Chris was very helpful, and was able to diffuse a tense situation I was in when I had an accident merging on I-93. I had the party from the semi who hit me from behind yelling at me, as a 25 year old woman, I felt shaken. Chris allowed me to sit in his truck to calm down and he talked me through the process of what was to happen next. Very good public server. Thank you."

(I-93) 12-14-16

"John stopped within minutes of me pulling over, ensured I was far enough into the shoulder of the busy freeway that I was not in danger, and helped me figure out my car wasn't going to go anywhere! He said he'd stop back to check on me during his rounds if I was still there, and he did! We were still there over an hour and a half later waiting for a tow, he educated me on requesting a blind-tow from AAA, and then took myself and my daughter out of the cold, and to the nearest park & ride to meet my friend for a ride. Due to a miscommunication on my part, my friend was waiting at a further park & ride, and John took us there no problem, and ensured we met up with our ride and were safe. He was calm, friendly, and knowledgeable, and him going the extra mile, no pun intended, really turned my night around. He deserves commendation or at least a nice Christmas bonus!"

(I-93) 12-23-16

"I was on my way home after working a night shift for a hotel when I suddenly had a flat tire. I tried to get the lug nuts off but could not because of how tight they were and I believe somewhat rusted to the rim itself. Of course like anyone getting out of work did not want to deal with an inconvenience like this especially during the heavy morning traffic. I was in the middle of calling for assistance when John pulled up. He immediately came out with the gear to get the car back on the road and joked about how much more effective it is than your regular spare trunk equipment. He was extremely friendly and had me back on my way in no time. I even insisted he take a tip but said policy is they do not take any. Give the man a raise! I couldn't be more thankful for this service especially when its below freezing and normal service would take a little while to get there. I hope you continue to run this service even if I personally never have to use it again. I know people will be as appreciative as I am. Thank You"

(I-95) 12-9-16

"I ran out of fuel on I-95. Service Patrol stopped to help. Thank You"

(I-95) 11-23-16

"I was on my way to Vermont to visit my uncle for my birthday weekend when I was on the highway, I must have hit something and I blew a tire. I was in the midst of trying to get my lug nuts loose when one of the highway patrol guys had seen me from the other side of the highway and turned around to come assist me. He asked me what happened and I told him, he said well lets get your tire off and see if we are able to fix the tire. When we got the tire off my tire was totally ruined, so he put my spare tire on and helped me get everything back in to the car. This man was so nice and understanding! Thank You so much for helping me with my tire!"

(I-93) 10-20-16

"I was traveling north bound on I- 293, right after the split, I got a flat on my drivers rear. I had no spare and Jim Macnichols pulled up and saved the day, I had sent out about 10 texts and only heard back from , and that person couldn't help. He patched my tire, inflated it and mounted it for me, he also followed me home to make sure I made it because the tire could blow at any time. You couldn't ask for a more polite and respectful gentleman. He definitely goes above and beyond. Thank you again."

(I-93) 10-19-16

"I ran out of gasoline and he gave me gas. "

(I-95) 11-8-16

"I was going down the highway and all of a sudden I heard a weird noise from my truck, I pulled over immediately and realized my tire had popped. I wasn’t even there for 10 min when I saw a Patrol truck, I didn’t know it was a Service Patrol assist until I met Chris and explained that NH DOT had a Service Patrol for their residents. He was amazing; if not for him I would have been stranded until my husband could get to me. Chris was amazing and my guardian angel, Thank you, NH DOT for the Service Patrol and for Chris."

(I-93) 10-16-16

"Chris stopped and helped me change my tire after a blowout and my jack had failed. I tried to give him a tip but he said he could not take it but that a hand shake would work . thanks chris you got me back on the road in about 15 min. "

(I-93) 10-16-16

"I apologize that I don't have the drivers name - but it was around 5:00 on Thursday (10/13) and I had a tire blow out on my Ford Explorer on 95 North just above the Hampton Toll. I had called AAA, but your driver stopped before AAA and started to assist. He was a true gentleman and worked with AAA to change my tire and get me on the road. What a great service. He would take no monetary assistance and without his help I would have been on 95 for several hours and might have needed a tow. Thank you."

(I-95) 10-13-16

"He changed a tire quickly, and he did such an awesome job."

(I-93) 9-25-16

"Dear State Farm/NHDOT: I heard a scrape while in the Hooksett hi speed toll lane and found a tire blown. I pulled over to the breakdown lane on rte 3S just north of Manchester. I was struggling to get the spare to drop from the rear of a Chevy Trailblazer to no avail. Shaun was by shortly after 4:30 and was instrumental in finally getting the spare to drop, filled the nearly flat spare, and changed the tire. Shaun was upbeat, personable, and professional despite apparent design flaws in the trailbazer spare system,corrosion, and the flat spare. It was a most welcome and positive experience thanks to Shaun's assistance. Thank you."

(I-93) 9-11-16

"I was stuck in the worst possible place,11:00 AM on a Saturday, just after the Hookset toll booth. I was making traffic even worstand being cursed constantly. One of your drivers pulled behind me and put his lights on so the people coming thru the tolls could try and switch lanes before they got to me. He also called the state police, so they would call the tow company and put a rush on it,I was already waiting for a tow for about an hour."

(I-93) 9-3-16

"He changed a boat trailer tire , highway was bumper to bumper traffic."

(I-93) 8-20-16

"My daughter and I were driving to Manchester when all of a sudden we hear a loud noise that sounded like an engine revving. The back of the car started shaking and we knew the noise was coming from us. I pulled over and turned my emergency blinkers on. I got out of the car and went to the back to inspect for any obvious problems. I noticed that my rear left tire was flat. My first reaction was to call Triple A but I unfortunately forgot my Triple A Roadside Assistance card. I began to call my husband but before I could ask him to help us, someone knocking on my window asking us if we needed help. He was wearing a neon yellow construction vest and driving a truck with the State Farm logo clearly visible. I stepped out of the car and told him our situation. He immediately tried to get our spare tire from under the car, which was in a tricky spot. The moment he got the tire it took him less than 5 mins to replace it. Throughout the entire time our patrol driver was very courteous and never seemed negative. I don't know where I would have been without him. I offered him a tip for his services but said he kindly declined saying it was free service. I am so grateful that State Farm offers these services and does it so selflessly."

(I-93) 8-19-16

"He drove my young children (3 under 6) & myself home bccause the tow truck driver wasn't able to take the car seats. I had no one else who could pick us up, as we were coming home from a family vacation. Doug kindly volunteered to drive us home. He was incredibly sweet and took the time to talk to my kids and calm them down. I can't ever properly thank him because he was such a life saver."

(I-93) 8-14-16

"I ran out of gas. Arvid P. Bacon pulled up behind me within 5 minutes and had 2.5 gallons of free gas. He poured the gas for me and sent me on my way. I was extremely happy that I didn't have to wait an hour or more for AAA. Arvid was very friendly."

(I-95) 8-18-16

"Steve changed out a flat tire I had on my truck at a time when it was 95 degrees out and the spare tire was rusted tight in position under the bed of the truck. I was in a suit on my way home from work. Steve was super courteous and made quick work of the change. His assistance was very much appreciated it enabled me to get back on the road and home sooner on a Friday evening."

(I-93) 8-12-16

"He pulled up behind me, turned on an emergency flasher, helped me call AAA and my car dealer and he stayed with me until the tow truck came. He offered to change my tire and tried to fill it with air, he did his best try to help me, I appreciate it what he did and his attitude, he made me feel safe."

(I-95) 8-18-16

"We had called AAA, but the driver arrived, solved the problem, and was off to solve something else before AAA arrived. He was there before any police officers stopped. His timing was just great. He used a solvent on a rusted bolt that allowed the spare tire to be freed from the trunk, then changed a flat tire for the spare. He also gave a gallon of cold water to my friend who was overheating. Total gentleman. Thank you, Chris!"

(I-93) 8-17-16

"He jacked up my car and helped me replace a blown out tire."

(I-93) 7-10-16

"Within 1 minute of pulling over for a flat tire, he was there with the safety lights and assisted with a jack and an impact wrench. He was very kind and extremely helpful."

(I-95) 8-17-16

"Thank you Mr. Henry Sliwersky truck # 350. for helping my daughter Ava, by changing a flat tire on Route 3 South on 5/17/16 at 4:30."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 5-17-16

"He saw me on the side of the road and assisted me, I did not have the tools I needed in my vehicle at the time. He saved me the aggravation and frustration of doing it myself. Thank you."

(I-93) 6-21-16

"I underestimated the amount of gas I had to make it to Portsmouth from Boston to my favorite low cost fuel provider and ran out of gas! Rob Piche (830-11) noticed my distressed situation and provided me with enough gas to get 5 miles up the road to fill up my tank. He was very courteous and I appreciated his timely response......he saved me from imposing on my wife and left my dignity intact! Thank you State Farm!!"

(I-95) 4-8-16

"On my way to work this morning, I got a flat tire. I called my husband but before he got to my location, Martin Whelan from NH DOT State farm patrol stopped to help me, I told him at first that my husband was coming to help me, but he insisted very nicely that it wasn't a problem and he was happy to help. It only took him a short amount of time to get my old tire off and place the other tire on, by the time my husband arrived, Martin was done. My husband and I were very appreciative and thankful for his help, he was very nice to both of us and you could tell he enjoyed helping people! Thank you so much for this outstanding service!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 4-25-16

"Doug Kerr was off the charts awesome. He not only waited with my car he called me when it was towed. Being not from the area he was able to connect me with a local garage to get the car fixed. He was exceptionally kind and extremely helpful. The world needs more people like Doug Kerr. Thanks again Doug!"

(I-93) 4-14-16

"Ran out of gas along I 95 north and he stopped and gave me what I needed !!!"

(I-95) 4-18-16

"I had a flat on I-93 south of exit 4 in the rain. I limped into the truck scales and stopped to get the spare out. Just then this DOT guy, Chris Rose pulled in, saw my spare tire, and offered to 'help me with that'. I stood there with my hands in my pockets while this gentleman did everything. Five minutes later he was done. Just the nicest guy, too. Said he pulled in to empty the trash barrel. Guess it was my lucky day."

(I-93) 4-7-16

"A couple weeks ago my car broke down on the side of the interstate. We needed more oil and a man by the name of Jim Mac Nichol was an excellent help! He gave us a bottle of his oil free of charge! He was also super respectful and really took the time to care about the customer. My boyfriend and I have never had such outstanding service in our lives before! Unfortunately I can't remember where we broke down...But Mr.MacNichol, Thank you....because of your outstanding work, I got to work on time, without your help I would've been in trouble! Thanks!"

(I-95) 3-27-16

"Chris from Service Patrol changed my flat tire and stayed with me until my husband arrived."

(I-93) 3-10-16

"I ran out of gas on I-95, Service Patrol assisted me, thank you."

(I-95) 3-23-16

"I was on the side of the highway due to a flat tire and the gentleman came and put my spare on for me. I was truly blessed to have had such great service. Thank you for having this program. What a big help."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 3-11-16

"Service Patrol changed my flat tire on the shoulder of Everett TPK."

(I-93) 3-6-16

"I want to thank 'Mark' of the Highway Safety Patrol who assistedme when my car got stuck in the snowbank off of Rte. 95N. This happened on 02-10-16 at about 4 pm, He and Sargent Davis got me out sfely dueing a high traffic time of day. What a Service! they were both just great!"

(I-95) 2-10-16

"Waited behind me with his flashing light rack for safety until a tow truck arrived to tow my vehicle. Very helpful. Phillip Schoenheit was very considerate."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 2-10-16

"We were traveling northbound on RT 3 just about halfway between Nashua and Manchester at about 6 p.m. in going-home traffic. We were in the left lane when, without any warning, the transmission failed. My husband was driving and was able to coast across the other lanes of traffic onto the shoulder. We have AAA and I was in the process of calling them when Chris Tsoukalas with the Assist Patrol pulled in behind us. He positioned his truck with the lights flashing to protect us from the passing traffic and stayed with us until AAA was able to get to us which was close to an hour. He was friendly, helpful and very courteous. What a wonderful service being offered by State Farm and the state of New Hampshire. Thank you!!!"

(I-93) 1-29-16

"He protected us from oncoming traffic, jump started our vehicle and in the end he had to push us thru the tolls with his truck to a safe and secure parking area by the toll booth where we could park our disabled vehicle. The driver was very courteous and kind!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 2-10-16

"I had a blown tire and he changed it."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 1-8-16

"I have worked for the N.H. D.O.T. for the past 16 years as a toll attendant. Currently I work at the Bedford N.H.Toll Plaza where I have been for the past 3 years. I get many compliments from motorists who rave about the work that our D.O.T. workers do, such as not seeing litter along the highways and how they do a great job of keeping the roads sanded and salted and plowed during the winter and in great shape compared with our neighboring state of Massachusetts have heard very good comments about the State Farm N.H. D.O.T safety patrol also. Today 1/10/16 Safety Patrol person Jim MacNichol was on patrol and he came through my toll booth S/1 to say hello and happy new year. I mentioned that I had a tire that needed air, and Jim said I'll check it out on my way back north. He stopped and checked the tire and put air in it so I could drive home safely. A BIG thank you to Jim for helping me out and his dedication to the NH DOT."

(1-93) 1-10-16

"I was driving early in the morning and my car stopped due to no gas. I underestimated the distance and it was a new car to me so had no feeling as to how far I could get. I was cold and desperate on the side of the road, when I nice man from the #AssistPatrol stopped and helped me. It was the the best experience on the NH highways to date."

(I-93) 12-30-15

"While I was passing in the left lane my drivers side front tire had a blow out, I made it to the breakdown lane and within minutes Chris Rose with New Hampshire DOT arrived with lights on and not only allowed me to safely repair my flat tire but had the truck jacked up in minutes and between the two of us I was back on the road to work. I travel almost a hundred miles a day and see the DOT trucks and never really knew what it was they did, well now I do and I am extremely grateful, I also see the benefit of Chris and others like him because this efficiency allowed my disabled vehicle to get back on the road and not create any further traffic problems. Thank you for your assistance."

(1-93) 12-28-15

"The patrol driver pulled up behind me, I had my 4 children in the car . One of the drivers pulled up behind my vehicle that was in a very unsafe spot on Everett Turnpike route 3. He put his lights on and SAT behind me in his truck so I would be safe , then called for someone to come and change my tire for me, free of charge, after my tire blew out on the highway going 70 miles per hour."

(I-93) 12-10-15

"While I was driving down I-95 my tire blew out. Not just a typical flat but a real blow out. It was 6:00AM and when I realized my tire blew, I pulled into the breakdown lane, took a deep breath and called my husband for help. I knew it would take him about 30 minutes to reach me so I sat in my car watching the cars and trucks whiz by me. After about 10 minutes, I noticed some flashing yellow lights pulling up behind me and out of the truck came my Guardian Angel, John M. Not only did he change my tire, but his warm and funny personality made me feel safe. Within just a few minutes he had my tire fixed and I was able to continue on my way. Thank you so much John for making my blown tire experience a safe one."

(I-95) 12-22-15

"I had a flat tire in Nashua N.H. on Friday 12/4/15 couldn't have made it home without the help of Jimmy McNichol and his compressor thanks for the help."

(I-93) 11-26-15

"Driver helped me change my drivers side rear tire when AAA didn't show up. He was very helpful and courteous. Thank you."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 12-15-15

"My 17 year old daughter was driving alone on the Everett Turnpike on the night before Thanksgiving. She experienced car trouble and pulled over. She called and gave me her location (the wrong location). I left our home in Concord NH and went to find her. After many attempts to find her (finally getting the correct location). I spoke with Chris who stopped and made sure my daughter was safe. He invited her into his warm truck, and was able to give me the directions I needed. He was polite and even changed the radio station to my daughters favorite. Imagine, I am frantically trying to find my child, Chris assured me he would stay with her and be sure she was safe until I arrived. I am sooooo thankful that he was there, and I can't express my thanks to him enough. He is truly a hero!!! Thanks Chris, you have no idea how thankful I am."

(I-93) 11-25-15

"I ran out of gas. A state police officer happened to pull someone over just a little way up in front of me. I walked up to the officer and explained my situation. He took my name and number. He immediately contacted the assistance patrol it was approximately 3:00 P.M. It was the day before thanksgiving traffic was heavy. He told me that they go on duty at 3:30 and I would be their first stop. I was relieved not to mention amazed that such a service was being provided by an insurance company at no cost to the state or taxpayers. That made my mind up right then and there that I'm giving my business to State Farm. It just so happens my insurance policies are up for renewal in two weeks. When I compared cost I actually saved money and got better coverage I guess some things happen for a reason. Another really cool thing occurred during this situation before the state farm patrol arrived a D.O.T. truck arrived he had heard the call and came to my aid because he was closer and offered me a warm truck to wait in. He said he was a foreman for the D.O.T. and also was a driver for the safety patrol. We had a great conversation while waiting for the patrol truck. This occurred in Merrimack n.h. This service turned a bad start to the holidays to new appreciation of the kindness of strangers. Thanks you ever so much!!! Your the best!!! By the way my patrol driver's name was Chris and he gave me some cookies too!! Imagine that!! Wow!!!!!!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 11-24-15

"I was stuck on Route 3 on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line. Jim MacNichol stopped and repaired my battery connections, gave me a jump start and he even gave me a couple of gallons of gas."

(I-93) 11-6-15

"I had a rear tire blow out. Before I could even call AAA, the Service Patrol driver appeared, changed the tire and had me on my way."

(I-93) 11-2-15

"We had just ran out of gas and was calling a family member to rescue us, she was about 20 miles away, when a D.O.T. truck pulled up behind us and asked is there anything I can do to help. He grabbed a can of gas, put it in the car, made sure the car started and then followed us to the gas station. What great service, Jim was awesome. It was so nice to have that kind of service and we where only sitting about 3 minutes. Perfect timing."

(I-93) 10-18-15

"We had a Flat on our RV. Chris stopped and helped to remove the tire. After the tie was changed ,we needed air,which he was more than happy to supply. Chris was very helpful and friendly. He made sure that we where safely on our way."

(I-93) 10-25-15

"I ran out of gas unexpectedly as I was driving to the gas station. I ran out of gas just before exit 4 on the Everett TPK. I was getting ready to call for help when Fredrick Leighton showed up out of nowhere behind me in his truck, all within 2 min of me pulling over to the side of the road."

(I-93) 10-14-15

"I got a flat tire this morning heading south on the Everett TPK near exit 5. Jim pulled up next to me a few minutes later and asked if Ii needed help, and assured me that he could call someone and get the tire changed in a matter of minutes. I accepted and Joe drove up shortly after , jacked up the truck and had the spare on in no time. I was on my way in less than 15 minutes after pulling into the breakdown lane. Thanks Jim and Joe!"

(I-93) 10-14-15

"I ran out of gas on the Spaulding Tpk .Chris was extremely helpful and very professional. His help was very much appreciated."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 10-21-15

"I ran out of fuel on I-93, I was on the shoulder and the driver saw me and stopped. Thank you."

(I-93) 10-12-15

"The Service Patrol driver changed my flat tire on the shoulder of the Everett TPK. Thank you."

(I-93) 9-24-15

"My wife, son and I were heading Northbound on I93, when I realized that the plastic guard over my front tire had became loose and was wrapped around my front tire. I was able to pull over to the side of the highway and found a plastic guard under my car that connects to the front bumper had also become loose. The patrol driver had some wires and connected the plastic guard under my car so it would not drag on the road and we made it home safely."

(I-93) 9-20-15

"I had a car part that was hanging and dragging on the freeway while driving. I pulled over to see and sure enough it wasn't safe to drive. The patrol driver helped wire the hanging parts together so I could at least get home and take it to a mechanics."

(I-93) 9-20-15

"The patrol driver changed my flat tire. The driver was extremely friendly, polite, professional, and helpful. The best kind of guy and personality you could have working in this type of job."

(I-93) 9-20-15

"I ran out of gas on the I-93 between exit 5 and 4 I had no cell phone and was stranded. I decided to walk to get help and a car with two men pulled over to assist me. I was so happy to see the patrol driver show up just in time to help me!!!! He was very friendly, put gas in my vehicle and made sure I made it to Exit 4 safely to get gas. He may have my life!!!!"

(I-93) 9-18-15

"I needed gas on route 3 in Nashua and Chris from DOT pulled up behind me with in 10 mins after running out of gas. He was my hero today."

(I-93) 9-15-15

"Several weeks ago, on our drive through NH, our dog became sick and made a mess throughout the car. We'd pulled to the side of the expressway to try to get cleaned up, and Jim MacNichol pulled up behind us just a few minutes later. He immediately provided all kinds of wipes, napkins and bags to assist us with our clean up effort. It was difficult to get everything cleaned and I was covered in the mess as well. Jim invited us to follow him down the road to the NHDOT garage. Once there, he provided me with a place to change and get clean up, while he diligently and quickly shampooed my seats, carpets and car interior. I cannot even say what a lifesaver it was that Jim showed up when we did. I don't know how we would have finished the 3 hr drive back to CT or how we would have ever cleaned my car well enough if he hadn't jumped to action immediately. Thank you Jim!!"

(I-93) 7-27-15

"I was pulled over on the shoulder of the road and noticed that my passenger right tire was flat. I went to my trunk and started to get out the tools to change out the tire. As I turned around a vehicle came up behind me and the driver asked me if I needed help. The operator, Arvid P. Bacon, assisted me in changing the tire and made things quicker than if I had changed the tire myself. I honestly thought it was a tow truck driver trying to con me out of money. I am very greatful that this program exists. So, thank you Mr. Bacon for making a bad trip turn into a wonderful day."

(I-95) 9-30-15

"I ran out of gas next to exit 4 on I-93 South. Eric Bellemore pulled up behind my car to help me out. He was a very nice man that was happy to help me out. Thank you for making my day a little bit better."

(I-93) 9-4-15

"Fixed my flat tire in mere seconds!"

(I-93) 9-2-15

"He kept us shielded from traffic, helped us with a jump start and he waited with us for the tow truck in a dangerous spot on the highway."

(I-93) 8-28-15

"We had gotten a flat tire on our camper and we were just getting the spare out when he came along. He was very helpful and changed the tire for us so we could get on our way."

(I-93) 8-30-15

"He helped me change the tire on my pop up camper that blew out on the highway."

(I-95) 8-22-15

"Fred took off flat tire and put the donut on. Thanks."

(I-93) 8-27-15

"On behalf of my friend Yary and me, we really want to compliment Scott. On August 16 Th our car broke down right before the toll, and Scott was there willing to help. He was so patient, and gave us plenty of options. He saw how devastated and scared we were, and made the horrific event a lot more tranquil. He was very patient; we were in the hot sun for more than an hour and guided us to remove our vehicle from the highway to the nearest exit. He even stayed with us to inform the owner of the lot that a tow truck would be coming and was willing to communicate to all personnel. He really did go above and beyond to assist us and we were just starting our vacation week and even with this occurring he assured us we would be ok. Thank you so much Scott!"

(I-93) 8-16-15

"John M arrived on the scene about 15 minutes after my tire blew out. We were sitting on the side of the road as cars sped by us at upwards of 75 miles per hour. AAA took 40 minutes to arrive. But John M. came over and used his excellent tire jack to get our car up and then put the spare tire on and used his cordless tool to put the bolts back on just like a race car pit crew. Could not have been nicer. AAA shows up just as John M. was finishing up. Great guy. Thanks John!! You saved the day and allowed us to see our show in Boston!"

(I-95) 8-22-15

"I had traveled from Boston on my way to Portsmouth had just paid the Toll after Hampton Beach when the front end of my 1999 White Dodge Caravan began to shake slow at first and then violently. At first I thought is was a bearing or tie rod but when the tire tread began to fly apart it was obvious that the tire had decomposed. As the tread pealed from the tire in large chunks exposing the metal belts the hot rubber ripped the cover from the wheel well and dislodged the front cowell off the van. I had no choice but to pull over. I called Triple A and while waiting for them to arrive Arvid P Bacon pulled up behind my Dodge Caravan. I was seated in drivers seat of my van and he approached me and asked if I'd like some help. I told him that I had called Triple A and he asked if I had a spare and if I wanted to wait. I said yes, I did have a spare but that the Dodge Caravan was new to me and I had no idea how release the tire. We went around the back of the van an d found the jack. He quickly figured out how to lower the tire from the underside of the vehicle I cranked the tire down while he laid on the ground and guided the tire safely to the ground. He quickly proceeded to jack the car up and had a rechargeable screwdriver that he used to remove the lug nuts. He took the destroyed tire off of the vehicle and replaced it with the spare donut. Upon completion I offered him $20, which he refused, at which time he gave me the "share your story card" I thanked Arvid climbed into the van and pulled out on to the highway. Arvid followed me for about a mile to make certain that I was all set and then disappeared. I've been driving for over thirty years and was a little shaken by the event. Arvid kept a cool, upbeat, can do demeanor. He was friendly and professional and an asset to stranded motorist on I-95 in NH."

(I-95) 7-29-15

"Had a flat tire but my spare was stuck under the truck (Chevy trucks have the absolute worst design for spare tires I have ever seen). David was able to provide assistance by using his channel locks and pneumatic cutting wheel to free the tire from underneath the truck. David was very well equipped with tools. He was very patient and determined to help me, seeing as how he assisted me while it was raining. Also, a very friendly person and seemed to enjoy his job very much. Thank you very much David!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 8-4-15

"Using the truck and lighting he had served to add safety during my breakdown. He offered a jump start and got me on my way."

(I-95) 7-29-15

"My tire blew in a bad spot on the Spaulding Turnpike. Martin Whelan was awesome! Great service, and very pleasant, even at the end of a hot day. Thank you Martin and State Farm!"

(Spaulding Turnpike) 7-23-15

"We're from out of country and on vacation in US, so being involved in an accident was perhaps more traumatic than normal. The patrol (and police) were extremely helpful, paying great attention to our well being, the safety of all concerned, and ensuring we were well supported with moving our rental car and getting us arranged with a replacement plus transport to the nearest car. Without this support, our experience (and vacation) would have been heavily negatively impacted. In particular, the patrol driver Chris was a credit to the NHDOT, and left us with the impression that that he (and clearly the other drivers/rest of NHDOT organisation) have a great regard for the safety and wellbeing of motorists using NH roads. Chris helped us with transportation first to follow our damaged rental car to the towing location, and then to transport us and all our baggage on the the car rental office to pick up our replacement car. Chris displayed a true level of care for our experience and safety. Prior to this we had no experience of breakdown situations on any US roads, so the experience of the New Hampshire service was a very welcome one in the situation we encountered and made all the difference to our vacation. Thanks Chris and NHDOT for your support, rofessionalism, and care."

(I-95) 7-19-15

"Car broke down by Exit 5 in Nashua. At not a very safe spot near exit ramp. She directed traffic around her as she waited for a tow. She explained that she was 8 month pregnant and greatly appreciated that Freddie stayed to make sure she was ok."

(I-93) 7-15-15

"My daughter and I were traveling on Rt. 16 heading to Freedom NH when we realized we had a flat tire. We pulled to the side of the highway and called AAA. While waiting for what was an expected hour wait in the blazing sun, Phill Schoenheit of NH DOT pulled over and offered assistance. Within minutes, he had the tire replaced and we were back on the road. He was quick, efficient and kind. He made it able for us to get to our destination quickly. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to you Phill. Thanks so much for what you do."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-11-15

"Car broke down by Exit 5 in Nashua. At not a very safe spot near exit ramp. She directed traffic around her as she waited for a tow. She explained that she was 8 month pregnant and greatly appreciated that Freddie stayed to make sure she was ok."

(I-93) 7-15-15

"My husband blew a tire and within 5 minutes of being pulled over Jim pulled up behind us and offered his help immediately. He was very nice and made sure we were good to go. He also didn't leave until we did. It's scary to have to change a tire closest to the lane on the highway, so it's nice to know that people are out there to help if needed."

(I-95) 7-16-15

"Chris Tsoukalas was of great help. He first asked if everyone was ok which I though was most important. Asked what the problem was told us about the service and helped us with the radiator gave us fluid for it. Then gave us wipes to wash our hands and even followed us off the highway to make sure we got off safe. He was our life saver. Please thank him again from the Weeden Family."

(I-93) 7-05-15

"We were broken down on the side of the highway. Jim MacNichol pulled up behind us with his flashing yellow lights. He offered to put some antifreeze in our overheating vehicle and offered us some bottled water. He stayed behind us for a few minutes protecting us from traffic. We had already called AAA so we were awaiting the tow truck."

(I-93) 6-19-15

"Blocked traffic, Jim assisted me in changing a tire."

(I-93) 5-30-15

"Tire needed changing. Problems finding out how to access spare tire, Tom was wonderful and very patient. Did all the work for us. Give him a large raise."

(I-93) 5-14-15

"He helped us take off our tire, brought us to get a new one, and helped us put the tire back on. He was so kind and sweet to our children too."

(I-93) 2-18-15

"After our kayak was hanging from our car, a patrol car came right to our rescue. The car got to us within 2 minutes of pulling over. David helped us reattach the kayak and we were able to keep going."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-28-15

"Supplied me with gas. I was in a dangerous spot. Called AAA, but they were very slow. State Police passed me and ignored me. Fred Leighton saved me. Could not have been nicer or more helpful! Would not take compensation."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-26-15

"He arrived within 5minutes. Gave us enough gas to get to the next exit and saved the day with a smile on his face. Acted like it was no big deal. We were shocked and so thankful."

(I-95) 6-27-15

"I ran out of Fuel on the Spaulding Turnpike, the driver spotted me on the shoulder and assisted."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-21-15

"He spotted us on the side of the highway and onto the grass, a truck towing a 32 foot traveler trailer. Our brakes had failed as a break line broke on the truck. Every local mechanic and dealership in the area refused to tow the vehicle because of the camper attached. John M. spotted us and was extremely helpful in driving to his shop to get some brake fluid. he returned saying they ran out of brake fluid, but offered to drive to the auto store and pick some up for us. He returned shortly and helped us clamp the broken brake line and refilling our brake fluid. He followed us on I95 in Hampton to the Maine border to ensure we were okay driving! He was very helpful, kind and courteous in every way! He truly saved us and got us back on the road."

(I-95) 6-25-15

"Had a blowout on front right tire on I-93 south of Concord. The DOT Safety Patrol stopped and offered to change it. Done in 5 minutes. Very friendly and helpful."

(I-93) 6-26-15

"Barely 10 minutes into fixing a left front flat myself, and having the small emergency jack start to tip once, Kyle showed up behind me. He had a bigger, more stable jack. Once the left front was jacked and lug nuts loosened, he suggested using his second jack so that we could place my tiny spare on the rear. I was very happy about this since I was still 70 miles from home. It was very comforting to have a large truck behind my car as well, with flashing lights to keep motorists away. I was so moved by the assistance provided that I tried to tip Kyle for helping me but he quickly and professionally refused! I am proud my insurance company supports such a program. (My agent is in Yarmouth Maine)"

(I-95) 6-18-15

"We were broken down on the side of the highway. Jim MacNichol pulled up behind us with his flashing yellow lights. Offered to put some antifreeze in our overheating vehicle, offered us some bottled water. He stayed behind us for a few minutes protecting us from traffic. We had already called AAA so we were awaiting the tow truck."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 6-19-15

"Jim saw me on the shoulder and stopped to help. He blocked traffic and assisted me in changing a tire."

(I-95) 5-30-15

"I had a flat tire on Rt 95 north on Monday morning in a hard rain storm . While I was waiting for AAA John Moser showed up and told me he would take care of the tire . I was on my way in 15 min."

(I-95) 6-15-15

"Coming from weekend of labor on family home in Maine, passed through Bedford toll and lost all power (Fuel pump) in my pickup truck pulling a utility trailer w/4 wheeler on it, in breakdown lane and outside vehicle with my little dog trying to get in touch with towing company. Very shortly the DOT Service vehicle pulled up behind and using warning flashers, your agent Jim Mac Nichol offered us water and comfort in his air conditioned service vehicle, assured me he would stay through the process until assistance was finished. I was Very impressed and grateful with the time and patience he took to make sure things were achieved safely with the extreme heavy traffic on south bound side. I own an automotive repair service in Tyngsboro, MA and keep my own vehicles in top mechanical condition but there is always a possibility of mechanical failure, Mr. Mac Nichol took the extreme stress out of the equation with his calm an well seasoned experience, Thank You again"

(I-93) 6-14-15

"My check engine light had come on and I had pulled over to wait for my husband to answer me if he wanted me to drive it to the next closest gas station or stay there. It was rush hour traffic last Wednesday afternoon headed North and I was about a half mile before exit 9 and figured I might be able to baby the car off the highway but not with the traffic going too fast. I saw the D.O.T truck pull up behind me and the driver got out to ask if we were ok. I told him what happened and he looked at my dash and saw the light on and told me it should be fine long enough to get off the highway. I hadn't received an answer from my husband yet so the driver told me he'd wait behind me so we'd be safe until I got an answer from my husband. My husband gave me the go ahead to drive to the State Barn just off exit 9 and he would meet us there to check the car out. I told the driver, Phillip and he used his big arrow light on his truck to follow me safely off the highway. When we got to the State Barn, he offered my son and I bottles of water and told us we'd be ok to wait for my husband there and if any police officers stopped in to check us out to show them the card he gave me. I had been having a miserable day and breaking down really topped it but my car ended up being able to be driven home and that was a relief but having this service out there is an even bigger relief! I'm not a damsel in distress or anything but that day I might as well have been because I was just not in the mood to handle anything else and it was comforting to have a highly visible truck sitting and then following me to safety. I told my kids about this service already and plan to tell more people. It is much less scary when a highway truck pulls up than some stranger. The highway trucks are easily recognized and even though a stranger might be there to give some help, it's just not as certain as it used to be. I'm glad this service is out there a nd hope it remains out there for many yours to come and that they stay safe while helping others."

(I-95) 5-13-15

"All I can say is what a wonderful service this is!! I had a flat tire on I 93 on a Monday Morning at 6:15. It was very scary being disabled on the side of the highway at that time of day. I had already called AAA when Chris pulled up behind me. He was extremely pleasant an upbeat. Immediately I felt much safer. Chris had my tire changed in no time at all. This is a wonderful service and Chris is a great asset to this program. Thank You! P.S. When I called to cancle AAA, the were not even on their way."

(I-93) 5-12-15

"While waiting for AAA, they stopped and checked on us and gave us some wate as it was 90 degrees out. Thanks Frderick."

(I-93) 5-11-15

"The Patrol Drive, Frederick Leighton-assisted me first by pulling up behind my disabled car in the breakdown lane and turning on his safety lights. This allowed me to get into my truck to access some tools to attempt to repair my vehicle. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the car started, so I then asked Frederick if he would be able to push my car with his truck to the exit ramp that was a few hundred yards away. He was willing and able to do so, and I was able to coast into a park and ride parking lot and leave my car. This helped me avoid a towing charge and got my car off the side of the highway."

(I-93) 5-07-15

"Ran out of gas on Everett TPK due to faulty gas gauge (which I knew of. State trooper didn’t arrive but Henry did within a few minutes. As a female alone, I am extremely grateful for this service. Thank you very much."

(I-93) 4-17-15

"Blocked traffic while we fixed a blown tire…..helped changed blown tire."

(I-93) 4-07-15

"On Friday, February 13th around 4pm we had a flat tire on I-95 near Seabrook. John from state farm safety patrol program was incredibly helpful in changing my tire and getting us on our way again. He was extremely professional, cheerful, quickly swapped out the tire, and refused to accept a tip. We are hugely grateful for both John and this great program!"

(I-95) 2-13-15

"I blew a tire on the highway and was having a hard time changing it because there was so much snow! Safety patrol showed up and saved me before AAA."

(I-95) 2-13-15

"Low oil pressure said stop engine. Oil appeared to be low (turned out it wasn’t just electronics). Very pleasant gentlemen offered two quarts of oil and put them in for me. Very thankful, nice to know someone has our back out there. Thank you DOT & State Farm."

(I-93) 4-06-15

"Thanks to Jim and Frank for stopping to help me with a shredded tire in Nashua this morning!"

(I-93) 3-12-15

"The plastic covering that prodects the undercarriage of my friends car had some loose and was dragging on the ground. After serveral attempts to snap it back in place and even bungee cord it up, it would not stay in put due to the fact It was cracked down the middle. We were in the process of calling AAA when Tom pulled in behind us (we were off the highway on the side of the road on I-95). Tom assessed the situation and realized the same thing we had, that the plastic piece was too damaged to stay up so it had to be removed. He proceeded to remove the caps and plastic and had us on our way in a matter of minutes. we were quite impressed and very grateful for his timely appearance and quick work of getting us back on the road. Our most sincere Thank you to Tom and to your program."

(I-95) 4-22-15

"Bob saw my hazards on and immediately pulled over to offer me service. I had run out of gas less than a mile from a gas station and about 3 miles from home, just off the exit near where the service vehicle is garaged. I explained that I had already called a friend to bring me some gas, and he said I can give you 2 gallons of gas free of charge. He said I should call my friend to cancel their trip. He saved me and my friend time and was very cordial. I'm happy to know that this "safety net" service is available to us in NH as I drive the Spaulding Turnpike frequently."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 5-01-15

"Phillip saw us fixing a flat tire along guard rail on Spaulding. He pulled up to keep traffic further away and a safer jack and cordless impact gun to make it a safer and quicker job. Was very friendly and helpful with a great attitude."

(Spaulding Turnpike) 2-06-15

"6:30 this morning I leave my house w/ my 8 year old daughter and head for school/work which is 50 minutes away from home. Less then 10 minutes down the road I get the rumble and instantly know something is wrong. I pull over just before a bridge and get out to check and sure enough I have flat/disintegrated tire. I immediately pull out my cell phone to call for help, while searching for the owners manual thinking OK (Name-Removed) you can figure this out. Its just a flat tire. My daughter is afraid. Before I know it Chris is knocking on my window asking if he can help. It was like the knight in shining armor showing up to save the day! The only difference being instead of a white horse he was in the big orange truck. Chris was so nice, had me up and running in less then a half an hour. The whole time chatting with me and my daughter, reassuring her and making her feel better. I had no idea this was a service the DOT offered and I can't say enough good things about it. As a women I honestly have no idea how to change a tire or even if I could have no my own. With little family in the area I was sure to be sitting there for a very long time waiting for a wrecker. Instead of being a complete disaster of a day, my daughter made it to school and I to work on time. Chris thank you so much for what you did. We are so grateful and today you are our HERO!"

(I-93) 4-15-15

"All I can say is what a wonderful service this is!! I had a flat tire on I 93 on a Monday Morning at 6:15. It was very scary being disabled on the side of the highway at that time of day. I had already called AAA when Chris pulled up behind me. He was extremely pleasant an upbeat. Immediately I felt much safer. Chris had my tire changed in no time at all. This is a wonderful service and Chris is a great asset to this program. Thank You! P.S. When I called to cancle AAA, the were not even on thier way."

(I-93) 5-12-15

"Sorry I've taken so long to send this. I had a problem on I-93 southbound near exit 3, your Service Patrol operator was so helpful and stayed with me until I had help. I didn't get his name but, it happened on 01-25-15 at about 3pm. I have not stopped talking about your Service Patrol operator. Please never stop being there for all, young and old. Thank You."

(I-93) 1-25-15

"On Thursday 2-19-15 during rush hour traffic at about 4:30 pm I had a flat tire and pulled over on Route 3 ( Everett Tpk NH ) ... after a long wait still trying to connect with the tow service from my auto club ... Pete M. pulled up behind me with the orange DOT truck. The situation was dangerous due to the high snow banks and traffic going by at 60-to 70 mph ... Pete said he could put on my spare tire which he inflated and then jacked up the car and put on the spare tire. Pete was polite, friendly and worked and talked to me in a kind reassuring manner!! When the job was done I offered to pay for the service including a tip for him ... he said, "no you don't have to do that" ... he gave me a "share your story" card and this is the story of a patrol driver providing a high level of competent service in a way that was greatly appreciated ... incidentally he was smiling and friendly the whole time he worked!! Thank you Pete M you are greatly appreciated!!"

(I-93) 2-19-15

"Provided much needed safety and assistance! Arrived within minuets of breaking down and was able to stay for over an hour as we waited for the tow truck! We felt much better with his large safety lights and connection to the outside world. Jim also provided much needed relief from the below zero wind chill in his truck as I made phone calls. The tow truck wasn't able to fit all three of us, but Jim was able to bring the extra passenger to the next exit to get picked up by a friend. Thanks Jim!!"

(I-93) 1-16-15

"He called for state police officer and tried helping us find somewhere to get a tire."

(I-93) 10-19-14

"Magically they appeared and Chris changed my flat. He refused a tip and was fast and smiled and just seemed very nice."

(I-93) 10-17-14

"Thank you so much for your help! Someone came and helped me by giving me just enough gas to get to a gas station and he was very polite and it was a life saver. Thank you."

(I-93) 10-15-14

"Between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm near Exit 4 of the Everett Turnpike in Nashua. She had a flat tire and had waited an hour for a tow truck that then cancelled. She was assisted by a NHDOT employee truck with the plate #350. “He was awesome. I am pregnant and was very tired. I just wanted to call and say thanks and hope it gets back to the person who helped me and changed my tire."

(I-93) 10-06-14

"Busy road, 300 miles from home....very scary! Bernie stayed with me the entire time in his truck making sure I was safe. What an amazing program! Keep up the good work."

(I-93) 10-05-14

"I was stranded on side of road. Sat for an hour and a half when Jim pulled up and offered his sercives for free. He got my van running and made sure I was safe to travel! Awesome!"

(I-93) 9-18-14

"I was waiting for AAA to provide me with gas but couldn't find me. Jim noticed my car on the side of the Everette Turnpike and stopped gace me gas but would not accept the tip I offered him. Thanks NH DOT, State Farm and especially Jim!"

(I-93) 9-05-14

"I was an exit away from home when I ran out of gas. I was stranded & could not get a hold of friends/family to bring me gas. To make matters worse I had to be at my 2nd job in 45 mins. I was so happy and relieved when I saw the orange truck pull up behind me! Frederick was courteous, polite and above all the hero of my day! He's a great man to have working for NHDOT."

(I-93) 9-03-14

"Ran out of gas on 93N and while I waited for AAA Henry stopped to see if I was OK. Well I had already been sitting in the hot sun and he helped me with gas and a jump and I was on my way. Thank god for Henry and his generosity of helping me. Such a great guy."

(I-93) 8-26-14

"My car broke down on the highway on ramp. I was waiting for help when Chris showed up. He made me feel safe. He was very proffesional."

(I-93) 8-20-14

"Your man, Chris was courteous, smart, and willing to help. Coolant gone battery problems and noted every possibility."

(I-93) 8-17-14

"My daughter was a passenger in a rear end collision. Chris was wonderful working and calming 2 teenagers until I arrived. Great Guy!"

(I-93) 8-17-14

"Truck quit on side of road. Thought run out of fuel. Henry gave me 5 gallons of diesel and a boost. Truck still no run. Had Triple A haul truck to shop. Henry was a great help. Very friendly and courteous."

(I-93) 8-08-14

"Returning from a camping tripin Maine on our way to New York state - our camper had a flat. Out of the blue Mr Whelan showed up and offered to help before we could even call AAA. He was quick courteous and knowledgeavble and even showed us where to go to buy a new tire Really Great experience!!"

(I-93) 8-08-14

"My fuel guage is broken and I forgot to re-set my trip when I refilled to know when I needed gas again, so I ran out in the middle of the highway. I was dead out of gas. the car was not moving. So there was no way to a gas station. I tried walking to one, leaving my brother and friend to watch the car. After realizing it was gonna be very difficult to get to a gas station to buy a few gallons to carry back, I headed back to my car to find Henry had already put 2 1/2 gallons in for me. His service and how nice he was was exceptional. I was very impressed. He waited with my brother until I returned to my car. Henry is Great! He deserves a raise."

(I-95) 8-04-14

"Truck overheated State Farm help stopped to help us. Called towing Co for us. This person was extrememly courteous & helpful."

(I-93) 8-02-14

"We drove over debris and Arvid helped us remove something that was stuck under our car."

(I-95) 7-13-14

"He came to my assistance right away and assured me he would take care of everything. I was on the highway pulled over and was so scared, and being 64 year old woman and being handicapped didn't help. My patrol Phillip Schoenheit was just great, very confident he would be able to take care of everything, and he DID. Thank You so much!"

(I-95) 9-04-14

"I was pulled over on I-95 with a flat tire, waiting for AAA when the DOT truck pulled up. I told him I had already called AAA but he said he would wait with me to make sure I was safe. When AAA showed up he said he could not change my tire and would have to tow me! The DOT driver said he could do it and I was out of there in 15 minutes! Thank you Phillip Schoenheit you saved me!"

(I-95) 9-03-14

"Thank you so much for your help! Someone came and helped me by giving me just enough gas to get to a gas station and he was very polite and it was a life saver. Thank you."


"We had broken down RV on the side of the highway and after three hours of making phone calls no on would come to help us, including a state trooper who stopped and was of no help. Then the safety patrol sponsored by state farm came along with Joseph Abell as a driver. He found us a place that for some reason no one else could, stayed with us until the tow truck came, and was amazing."

(I-95) 7-31-14

"I was with a group of 14 motorcycles when one of the bikes broke down in your area. Thanks to the quick response time of your patrol officer, we were safely pulled off to the shoulder, and he even helped us fix the the problem. We tried to tip him but, he would not accept. My hat is off to your employees and highways in New Hampshire. Thank You very much."

(I-93) 8-05-14

"Great Service. Thank you!"

(I-95) 7-27-14

"I was alone and got a flat tire. Tom came to the rescue almost immediately. It was a very hot day, lots of traffic and he quckly changed my tire and got me going again. He was very kind. I tried to tip him, but he refused. Please know that he does a great job!"

(I-95) 6-27-14

"I was driving south on 16 toward MA got a flat tire called for a tow truck. Within 5 minutes of breaking down Martin showed up changed my tire and gave me direction to Sears to get my tire repaired. I want to thank him. Great guy."

(I-95) 6-19-14

"Highway flat fetting ready to pull out spare and the DOT truck arrived even before a lug nut could be removed. Driver had the professional tools to allow me to make a meeting I was late for as a result of the tire rather than not make it at all. Thanks DOT and State Farm!"

(I-95) 5-08-14

"14 year old Ford Ranger overheated on a 7 hour trip - your fellow refilled the radiator and provided extra water in my empty jug - Well - done!"

(I-95) 5-30-14

"I blew a tire on the highway, Joe saw me on th side of the road and changed my tire for me. I was able to make it to work on time. Great Service"

(I-93) 6-24-14

"We had a tire blow out on our 5th wheel trailer on I-95 South just before the Portsmouth Traffic Circle. Phillip stopped, changed the tire, and told us 2 tire service centers where we could replace the spare. Phillip was extremely helpful and we appreciate the service. He refused a tip!"

(I-95) 5-29-14

"Had a flat on I93S, felt shaky but Tom Porter was there to assure that I was in good hands. He waited with me until AAA came, and made sure that they put the spare tire on. He gave me comfort the whole time. Thank you."

(I-93) 6-20-14

"Joel stayed with me for allmost 1 hr until Dave's garage came to tow the car. He was a godsend to me and kept me sage. Great Person also. Thank you for your services."

(I-95) 5-26-14

"I got a flat tire on Interstate 95. Jim was extremely courteous and waited to see if my roadside assistance was coming. When the wait was going to be 45 minutes, he helped change my tire He was extremely friendly! Wonderful help!"

(I-95) 4-17-14

"Blew a tire on 93 N in Bow and Was having no luck trying to contact AAA. Greg pulled up and put the spare on for me and was very polite and humorous while he worked. Although we were in the break down lane, cars would not pull over to other lane. Greg deserves a medal."

(I-93) 5-06-14

"My tire popped while on the highway at a busy intersection and Joe came to the rescue! I am so thankful and happy Thank you very much. It was in minutes and my spare was on."

(I-93) 4-29-14

"My 16 year old son had a tire blow out on Interstate 93. I went to help him but it is scary to change a left front tire on the side of a 4 lane highway. Mr Maguire showed up with an orange hazzard arrow on his truck and to divert traffic and finished the tire change for us. We were done and off much more quickly with his great help!"

(I-93) 4-29-14

"My SUV broke down on 93 South and Ed stayed with us until my AAA service came."

(I-93) 4-28-14

"Friend son car broke down left side of highway driving back to college. DOT agent did a great job of keeping area marked and cleared while we waited for AAA tow."

(I-93) 4-27-14

"My Vehicle broke down on the Everett Turnpike South in heavy rush hour traffic. In what seemed like seconds, Joe pulled in behind me. he stayed threre with his emergency lights until the tow truck came. Thanks to Joe for keeping us safe!"

(I-93) 4-23-14

"We were on the side of the road when Chris approached and asked us what happened. We told him we ran out of gas and with no hesitation he gave us gas, 2 gallons. He was really nice and polite and a life saver. Very good job."

(I-93) 4-02-14

"He saw me on the side of Rt. 93 due to a flat tire. He kept his truck parked behind my vehicle with the flashing lights going until AAA arrived and had my vehicle safely on board. It was such a relief not only to have someone else there when the traffic was so heavy and fast. I felt much safer with his truck parked behind my vehicle to give oncoming traffic more warning about the breakdown. It was great and much appreciated."

(I-95) 4-24-14

"Chris stayed with me until AAA came. I felt much safer with the safety patrol there."

(I-95) 4-14-14

"Thanks for your help."

(I-95) 4-09-14

"Out of gas, thanks."

(I-95) 4-08-14

"Ran out of gas on RT 95N on way home from work was on edge of highway waiting for help (Phillip) within 5 min NH DOT came to my assistance & provided me with gas and I was on my way within minutes! The driver was a great help & was knowledgeable & kind. It was a very cold and very windy day!! I was so grateful for Phillips help! He was great."

(I-95) 3-26-14

"One of our passengers was sick to her stomach. Chris showed up and asked if everything was okay. We were fine. Thank you for the service."

(I-95) 3-24-14

"Pete was there within 5 minutes of me running out of gas. He was professional, Personable, and an excellent reflection of your company."

(I-95) 3-23-14

"We blew out a tire. Your van came quicker than AAA. It wasn’t easy to change the tire. He was patient and did the task quickly."

(I-95) 3-21-14

"Gas gauge is apparently not accurate on my car. Ran out of gas and driver was there to help. Thanks!"

(I-95) 3-21-14

"Thank you so much for being a part of this service I was so grateful to see Mr. Felemerse pull up behind me! Very Courteous!!"

(I-95) 3-06-14

"I had a high speed blow out on 95 South on the way to work 3/6/11 at 7am when it was 10 degrees outside. I went into an asthma attack, took medicine at my car, and called AAA who took time. Then Phil came along, and I cancelled AAA. He helped everyway. He told me to stay in my car and I had to take a ride to get car tire part."

(I-95) 3-06-14

"I pulled over to the side of the highway after a bolt that holds my muffler up broke. Within minutes, I noticed a DOT vehicle had pulled up behind me. Joel introduced himself and offered assistance. I directed him towards the issue. He was able to quickly assess the problem and offer a solution. Joel and I worked together to stabilize the muffler and I was able to safely make it to a repair shop. I am very grateful for Joel’s prompt help."

(I-95) 2-28-14

"Joel was great thank you!"

(I-95) 2-28-14

"Thank you Jim!"

(I-95) 2-25-14

"Pulled over on the side of a busy highway. Lot's of cars passed very close to me going very fast until Jim pulled in behind and helped me out."

(I-95) 2-23-14

"Thanks for the help."

(I-95) 2-21-14

"I had the unfortunate luck to have my tire blow up on the highway. This happened one day after the big snow storm we had and there was barely enough room to pull over thankfully Chris pulled behind me and made the situation much safer He told me to stay in my car as he changed my tire. It was by far the best on side road assistance I have received. That man deserves an award. He definitely saved my butt that day."

(I-95) 2-18-14

"I ran out of gas on Rte. 95 N on my way to work I had already called a fellow co-worker. While waiting, Phillip puled up behind me. With a smile he introduced himself and explained his job. After talking he stayed until help came. Thank you Phillip!"

(I-95) 12-30-13

"Driving to take my sick daughter to the doctors for 7 am walk in my tire blew out on the highway. Scott arrived within 5 minutes and had me back on the road in 10 more! My daughter is now resting comfy with the meds she needed. Thank you so much!"

(I-95) 2-03-14

"I had a blown tire on I 93 North by mile marker 14 on January 8th 2014, it was 8 degress out and the man that came to help me was the nicest person I've encountered. He was concerned for my safety on the highway and in the frigid cold. He changed my tire after pushing me to a safer spot. I'm grateful we have this service it might have saved my life since my tow truck was an hour out and I was on an unsafe section of I 93. Thank You to the man who helped, I never did get his name, but he is a blessing."


"Experienced a severe tire failure on I 93 north the other day at 6:30 and the temperature was 8 degrees. No sooner had I pulled over and turned on my hazard lights than behind me was the NH DOT guys looking to help me out. They had me operating on my spare in no time, getting me out of the unbareable cold and out of harms way. Left me feeling glad that it had happened on I 93 in NH and not in MA. Keep up the good work."


"The man who came to help us when we ran out of gas on I93 was incredibly helpful and kind. He even followed us to the next exit to make sure we made it safely to the gas station."


"I was out of gas (1st time in 28 years) between exits 4 and 3 on I 93 South at 5 am when help arrived, he was polite and much quicker than AAA. This is a great way to use my tax money, thanks a ton!!!"


"I had a flat tire in 7 degree weather on a very busy highway. Steven had to crawl under my car to get the spare, then the wheel that had the flat was stuck onto the axle. Thankfully he didn’t give up. I don't know what I would have done without his help! Very courteous and proffessional- a great service!"

(I-95) 01-07-14

"Tom Came and took a look at our car, which had broken down on the side of 95. We'd been waiting over 1.5 hours for a AAA tow truck by then, without heat, in 20 some degree weather. He invited us to sit in his warm truck and we were so grateful to be warm. He was very courteous and friendly. We've been telling everyone about it since. and how glad we are for your program. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

(I-95) 12-13-13

"Saw us pulled over with a flat tire on our trailer. He provided us with a car jack and a crossbar and assisted us with changing the tire. After waiting close to an hour for AAA to not even get there, Henry saw us and helped us out tremendously. AAA is very useful but who knows when they would've got there that night. Thank you so much for the help."

(I-95) 12-12-13

"I ran out of gas on the highway and was stuck in a bad spot.The driver showed up within 10 minutes and SAVED me! I have never run out of gas and felt like a complete idiot. I put myself and others in danger by slowing down slowy and pulling off the road in a dangerous spot (the only option). Thank god for this service because I don't know what I would have done!"

(I-95) 12-05-13

"Excellent Service!"

(I-95) 09-05-13

"Me and my daughter got lost on the way back to MA coming from Hampton Beach. My GPS failed and took me too far into NH. Phillip showed up while I was in tears on the phone with my mom. He was very nice, kind, and patient with me. He had me follow him back to the other side of the highway. My Angel that day!"

(I-95) 09-04-13

"Flat tire on trailer at exit 7. Driver arrived, was very pleasant, had proper equipment and was very knowledgeable Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Wish I could have given him a tip I am so grateful for this service!"

(I-95) 08-30-13

"I was in an accident on I95 N in Portsmouth NH. This gentleman appeared and assisted at the accident scene until the state troopers arrived. He was courteous and professional."

(I-95) 08-30-13

"I had a flat tire on Rt 95 N while waiting for AAA. David arrived pulled in back of my car with flashers on, gave us water it was very hot and he was very professional and courteous."

(I-95) 08-24-13

"Flat tire on I95 tire changed, battery went dead, jumped and on our way for vacation. David was a life safer. Very Pleasant. We were glad to see him. Thank you very much."

(I-95) 08-24-13

"I developed a flat tire just as I was ascending the Piscatqua bridge near Portsmouth NH. Pulled over once safe; while on phone with AAA Brian arrived. Cancelled AAA. He was awesome - did the change quickly. I was back on the road with my cat ASAP! Thanx Brian!

(I-95) 08-13-13

"I was driving alone to ME for a triathlon race. Suddenly I heard a noise. I thought it had to be a flat but did not see a flat. I was literally saying "I don’t know what to do!" when this angel arrived. He looked at my tires and the tread was literally falling off. Much longer and the tire would blow. He asked if he could change my tire. He was an answer to a prayer and a life saver!"

(I-95) 08-23-13

"...When the tow truck arrived we were again on the side of the road. Your employee emptied out his back seat so that the kids could sit in his car while we waited for our ride. After a few minutes our ride arrived and he helped us move all of the car seats etc. to her car. We were off. I do not know this man's name, but I have an image in my head of him walking down the side of the highway with my sons Imaginext dragon in one hand and my back pack in the other. I couldn't sleep well that night, because I don't think I properly thanked him in all of the confusion. I hoped that perhaps you could forward this email to whoever that person might be, or someone who knows who he might be. He went so far above and beyond, and we are extremely, extremely grateful for his assistance. Thank you so much."

(I-95) 08-07-13

"Provided water when my vehicle was over-heating, which allowed me to attend an important meeting at Pease AFB."

(I-95) 07-18-13

"I was having a horrible week with a nephew having open heart surgery in CT. and a family death in Maine. I suffered a flat on I95 in NH. Your driver was a life saver!! Very Friendly, helpful, kind and compassionate. Thank you!"

(I-95) 07-12-13

"Mr Schoenheit delivered gas to me after I ran out on rte 16. What an amazing service! He was my hero. Thank you so much!"

(I-95) 07-11-13

"David was outstanding. I waited two hours for AAA and he let me sit in his AC truck on Rte 95. Very polite, etc. An Excellent rep for All State and NH!"

(I-95) 07-06-13

"Ran out of gas, called AAA and was told it be approx. 45 min.s until a truck arrived. Within 10 minutes DOT Safety Patrol pulled up beind me, provided gas and I was on my way. Great service to stranded mororists. Thank you."

(I-95) 07-05-13

"Phillip was excellent with helping us with flat tire on my trailor. He was cheerfull, curtious, kind, and very thoughtful. Excellent guy!"

(I-95) 07-05-13

"The driver was extremely helpful. Helped us and stayed with us the whole time."

(I-95) 07-02-13

"Flat tire on trailer. Driver stayed while new tire was obtained. Very reassuring having truck with lights in place on highway to protect."

(I-95) 06-30-13

"Had a flat tire on 95 South in Seabrook on 4/25/13. The driver helped me change the tire and had me on my way in munutes. He was helpful and courteous. Great Job!"

(I-95) 04-25-13

"I had to use your road service Thursday, 25, 2013. The service tech was the best I ever had. He went the extra effort in order to help me with the flat I had on on my inside dual and he really had to work on it. Your road service is great and doesn't need any improvement."

(I-95) 04-25-13

"This is the best service! I was having a bad day to begin with and then I ran out of gas on the highway on my way to work. Big huge thanks to Ed who was able to give me a little gas to get to the next exit to fill up. This service is really helpful when you need it most, thank you so much for providing this service."

(I-93) 08-08-13

"Great Service! We were disabled and passing cars were shaking our car as we waited for the tow truck. Lee came along and back stopped us so that we felt safer. Keep up the good work!"

(I-93) 07-24-13

"The attendant helped me Friday, April 19th. Just thank you, thank you. The attendant was very polite- helped me change a tire, and got me off the highway. He was Great!"

(I-95) 04-19-13

"Your operator, Arvid, was a huge help to me on 4/15/13 when my car broke down at the entrance to the Portsmouth Bridge. He stayed with me in a very dangerous spot until the tow truck arrived almost an hour later. He was very friendly and informative and was a reassuring presence. Thanks to him and NHDOT for excellent service and help."

(I-95) 04/19/13

"Just as we were about to lose our minds, John pulls up and assures us he can help. 6 PM on a Friday, holiday, night and he does just that! He was kind, clean and respectful. Words cannot express the thanks to him, his service and this program. Thank you."

(I-93) 05-29-13

"On Rte. I-93 near mile marker 9.6 We had a flat tire, we had put in a call to AAA and got out of the car to get away from the traffic. A highway service truck showed up as soon as we got out of the car. The service man said that he would start to remove the flat tire. He continued until he had the spare put on. We were very appreciative and offered him $10.00, which he would not take. As a couple (almost 70) on the way to grandson's baseball game, we were very grateful. He is a good man!!"

(I-93) 05-15-13

"I had a flat tire traveling south on route 16. I was approached by a NHDOT service patrol officer in Portsmouth. His name was Arvid, and he was very helpful with assisting in the changing of the tire and was fully prepared with tools. He was a very polite, kind, and understanding individual. His assistance was greatly appreciated."

(I-95) 03-04-13

"Your service is an excellent idea. Instead of risking my life for 2 hours in the breakdown lane, Mark arrived in his DOT truck and provided me with fuel to get me back on the road. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service! (MA DOT should do the same)"

(I-95) 04-10-13

"The service was great, the man helped me out greatly, he was there soon after the tire went flat. I deeply appreciated the help, he was very courteous."

(I-93) 12/12/12

"My gas gauge had just broken. So, when I ran out of gas on I -93 northbound, it was totally unexpected. In less than 10 minutes, Service Patrol pulled up and not only put gas in my tank, but also directed me to the nearest station. Thank you so much."

(I-93) 11-06-12

"Arvid was very nice and helpful. Thanks to him we were able to arrive on time to our destination. We are thankful for that service. He gave us help with a flat tire. God bless him."

(I-95) 03-07-13

"We ran out of gas on a cold evening in January after a very long & bad day in a very bad month. We had called AAA and while waiting a very nice man pulled up & with a huge smile on his face, said he was there to help . For Free! He gave us gas to be able to get to a gas station. This man has so much good karma coming way! He was a God send to us that day! He's 1 in a million! You are very lucky to have him on staff! Praise has we did & still are. Thank you Mr. Bacon."

(I-95) 03-04-13

"I was thankful for the help I got today on I-93 northbound. The employee was courteous, helpful and got me on my way. I didn't have the right wrench and I can't imagine the outcome if this service wasn't around. Thank you!"

(I-93) 11-02-12

"We can't say enough good things about Pete. What a gift He was extremely helpful. We had gotten a flat tire and did not even have a flashlight. Pete changed the tire, which was not easy. He had all the right tools we needed, even air for the tire. Pete was a god send, he went over and above for us, thank you! Thank you."

(I-93) 10-19-12

"Martin pulled up within 10 minutes of us being disabled on Route 16, stayed with us until the tow came & was courteous and helpful the entire time (almost an hour!) My 2 year old thought his "Big Truck" and lights were so cool!"

(I-95) 02-28-13

"I was extremely relieved when Phil from NHDOT pulled behind my stalled vehicle on I-95. At first I thought him to be a tow truck but was happy with him offering me a seat in his warm vehicle while I waited for the actual tow. I am glad that this service is available."

(I-95) 02-23-13

"Thank you so much, I truly appreciated the help I received from your staff, we tried to tip him and he handed me this instead."

(I-93) 10-08-12

"My name is John, I am deaf. My car broke down on I-93 northbound in Salem , NH . The Service Patrol treated me very well. I tried to tip him but, he would not accept it. He called AAA for me and I was pleased with the service."

(I-93) 10-04-12

"I would like to thank the gentleman that helped me while I was stuck in the snow. A true gentleman, and thank you."

(I-95) 02/19/13

"Ran out of gas on highway, would have had to walk a few miles to gas station or phone, wonderful quick service kept me safe and back on the road in minutes!"

(I-95) 02-08-11

"John was a great help. Our vehicle broke down on I-93 northbound at Exit 1 and we were in a bad spot on the highway. While we waited for AAA to come, he stopped and offered to change the tire for us so we could get to our destination sooner, we had four young children in the car. Thank you for your help."

(I-93) 08-31-12

"My saviors! Keep this program please. On June 14th, I was returning from Boston after attending a meeting when I got a flat tire near Salem, NH. I called my husband but, he did not have a car. Your truck showed up with my guardian angel, who saved the day and got me on my way. He was a true gentleman. Thanks so much."

(I-93) 06-14-12

"My daughter and I would like to thank you for the immediate service we received on I 95 Monday afternoon from Jon S. He was professional, friendly, and quickly had us back on the road with confidence. Within 30 minutes. This service was greatly appreciated and we were shocked there was no fee and Jon would not accept a tip. Thank you Jon & DOT."

(I-95) 01-22-13

"This afternoon I ran out of gas on I95 just before Exit 3. This DOT employee stopped to check on me, he put gas in my car, waited to be sure my car started, then gave me directions to the nearest gas station. I am very grateful for this help!"

(I-95) 01/10/13

"This service saved me today, I got a flat tire on my way to work on I -93 southbound. I was sitting in my truck trying to figure out what to do, when Lee, in the service truck, pulled up behind me. He asked if he could help and when I said yes, he changed the tire for me. He was quick, efficient and very polite. If it wasn't for this service today, I am not sure what I would have done. Thank you Lee and the DOT service patrol."

(I-93) 04-19-12

"DOT service patrol driver, Dave is a true professional, an angel, no, a saint or at least a well placed DOT employee. While traveling on I-93 northbound, I had a blowout/flat tire. My wife and daughters were following me and we were pulled over on the far side of the break down lane, which was very uncomfortable for us all. I was having difficulty changing my tire, my jack wasn't fitting. Within minutes a Dot Service Patrol truck showed up and had my tire changed and we were on our way. I hope Dave and employees like him are not wanting for anything, I love that my taxes help with this service. Thank you DOT."

(I-93) 03-16-12

"Jim, the State Farm Road Assistance attendant was more than helpful when he pulled over to help me on the Spaulding Turnpike, November 20. I hope you have more employees like him."

(I-95) 11-20-12

"I recently ran out of gas on I-95 South bound. To my dismay, AAA told me they would be 45 minutes. To my surprise a truck pulled up about 10 minutes later. I asked the driver how much I owed him for the gas he brought. He looked surprised and asked if I had called AAA. I said I had and he told me he was with DOT and could I use his help. I gratefully said yes and called AAA to cancel. He refused payment for the gas. Tom was polite and helpful and is a great ambassador for your department."

(I-95) 11-12-12

"I was stuck on the side of the road when NH DOT Service Patrol showed up and helped me out. I was so thankful for their help If it hadn't been for the help I would have been waiting over an hour for AAA. Thank you."

(I-93) 01-30-12

Leon was very helpful and saved me from having to call a tow truck. I am pleased to learn that the NH DOT has this program. Thank you."

(I-93) 01/24/12

"Thank you and your DOT employee Bob for helping me on Rt. 95 Last Friday Nov 9th. Bob changed my tire during commuter time on the side of the highway going North. I am very grateful!"

(I-95) 11-09-12

"Scott was professional, personable, and put my mind at ease immediately. I'm Grateful to him and this program for getting me back on the road so quickly. Thank you!"

(I-95) 10-25-12

"John was extremely helpful and went out of his way to make sure my family and I were safe and able to get further help We need more people like him in public service jobs."

(I-93) 11-10-11

"My tailpipe and muffler fell down and I had to pull into the breakdown lane, when a DOT employee pulled up to help. He was so kind and thoughtful, He tied up my muffler and took the time to make sure it would hold until I got home. He was a god send and I am so grateful for this help."

(I-93) 08-19-11

"...I ran out of gas by Hampton Toll. A DOT worker Jim stopped to offer help. He put a gallon of gas in my car and saved my day. Thanks for this great service!"

(I-95) 10-18-12

"Had flat tire on Thursday Oct 11, 2012 just before Hampton Tolls. I-95 North bound. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a 2nd truck pull up. He helped me finish putting on a spare tire. It was around 7:18 AM, and I was in a suit, driving to an early meeting. It was great to get assistance. Thank you."

(I-95) 10-11-12

"What a life saver, thank you so much! John was so nice and helpful. Thank you New Hampshire DOT, I got a flat tire on my way home from vacation and John came to my rescue."

(I-93) 07-20-11

"Thank you for the fast response and the help getting back on the road, you made my day!"

(I-93) 07-13-11

"On Friday, Sept. 14th, 2012 The family was on their way to vacation in Milton, NH. Unfortunately our camper had a blow out while driving down Rt. 16, south of exit 7 in Dover, NH. During the process of changing the tire along the roadside, a NH DOT Service Patrol operator stopped and helped change the tire. Not only was this operator very courteous and sympathetic, but he made us all feel safer. Fortunately for us the operator was there and helped us get back on the road and salvaged our vacation, VERY GRATEFUL"

(I-95) 09-14-12

"Outstanding Service! What was about to become an awful day turned into an excellent day immediately, due to Arvid and his truck. Thank you so much for the service provided. I ran out of gas, Arvid saved the day. Thank you so much"

(I-95) 09-02-12

"I heard a huge bang and realized it was my tire blowing out. I tried to call my husband and got no answer, as I put my phone away I looked up and saw Ed pulling up behind me. He was pleasant, polite, careful and within minutes had me back on the road. I was not even late for work, the service was great and much appreciated."

(I-93) 06-29-11

"I would like to express my gratitude to Peter for his assistance. I got a flat tire, he arrived before AAA and had a very calm and friendly nature. He was kind enough to offer assistance and to stay with me until AAA arrived. People like Peter make this world a better place."

(I-93) 06-28-11

"The service provided by Arvid was extremely useful and courteous. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. I don't know what I would have done without his help. It is not a pleasant experience being a stranded motorist on the side of a busy highway. Without his prompt assistance my Holiday would have been ruined"

(I-95) 09-07-12

"Is the best thing that I have seen happening on the highway. It was great, he fixed my tires in few minutes"


"The service and specifically the Service Patrol operator quickly assisted my husband tonight when we had a tire blow out. We were stuck in a thunder and lightening storm in a bad spot. The Service Patrol operator offered protection and the proper equipment. Please, continue this service and thanks again to the Service Patrol operator."

(I-93) 06-14-11

"My truck broke down on I-93 and a DOT Service Patrol driver came to my rescue and was able to tow me nearly 3 miles off the exit to a safe place. I am grateful to have encountered this service, especially because my daughter was in the truck with me. The driver was friendly and helpful and he really made a frustrating experience a little more bearable. thanks"

(I-93) 05-27-11

"A lifesaver! Thank you for this service. The gentleman was extremely helpful. We had called our road service number, but not knowing where we even were, we gave completely wrong directions and would have been stranded for a very long time! We really appreciate this service!"

(I-95) 09-06-12

"On Labor Day weekend my car broke down on 95 S just after the Hampton toll. Even though a state trooper stopped to see if we needed help, he left. (I'm sorry if I get his name wrong) It was Armand or Arman, that pulled up and stayed with my friend and I until our ride came, even though he didn't need to. He helped us back on the highway after. Thank him its the random niceness you dont see anymore in strangers, the willingness to help."

(I-95) 09-02-12

"I had a flat tire on I-93 northbound, I had been waiting for over an hour for help, when your driver pulled over and changed my tire and sent me on my way. Thank you NH DOT, you are the best, great service!"

(I-93) 03-01-11

"I ran out of gas on I-93 north on a cold December morning. Lee from NH DOT came to my rescue. I can only imagine how unbelievable it would have been, a women with savers small children stuck in the car in the cold. Thank you so much, keep up the good work!!!"

(I-93) 12-28-10

"Arvid was extremely helpful and courteous. He provided excellent assistance while we were stranded due to running our of gas. Thank you for this service.We appreciate it!"


"We unfortunately ran out of gas on the left shoulder of I95 and were happily surprised to have a truck come to us wihtin less than 10 minutes and give us a free gallon to carry on till the next gas station. Very good service! Thanks!"

(I-95) 08-28-12

"Your help was much appreciated! I feel safer traveling on the highway. Thank you."

(I-93) 12-22-10

"I was very impressed with the service provided by the NH DOT Service Patrol operator. I had gotten a flat tire and was calling AAA when the Service Patrol operator arrived and offered to help. The operator was very friendly , courteous and helpful. Before today I knew nothing about this program, but I am very glad we have it."

(I-93) 12-22-10

"You guys are the best! I recall it was Scott who came to our rescue as our tire had 7 holes punched in it by a broken up metal ladder. He was fast and professional the best tools and we were on our way again quickly thanks again!"


"Thank you for your help. I had a flat tire and the gentleman who helped me was extremely professional & helpful. Thank you again, I greatly appreciate your service."


"The response was great! Nobody should have to be on the side of the road for more than 10 minutes again! Great system glad to know its out there Keep it up."

(I-93) 11-29-10

"Great service. I had a flat tire and within minutes the driver was on scene. Money well spent, on this type of service."

(I-93) 11-08-10

"Jim helped me change my horse trailer tire on 95S Sun the 19th august 2012. He's my hero today! He was curteous and polite."

(I-95) 08-19-12

"Hi on August 8th I had a flat tire and the gentleman who helped I am extremely grateful to. The service he provided and his demeanor and mannerisms were impeccable. I can't thank you enough for helping me out!"

(I-95) 08-08-12

"Recently a friend and I were fortunate enough to benefit from the service and the professionalism of NH DOT employee, Peter. Pete gave us a ride to repair a flat tire we got on I-93 , at a busy time. Pete's service and kindness made a bad situation not bad at all/ This service is important to all motorists and is a bright spot for the state. Keep up the good work."

(I-93) 10-26-10

"Dave helped me on the day before Christmas, I was traveling on I-93 when my hood flew up and smashed into my windshield. Dave calmed me down and secured my hood so that I could make it home, he even followed me off the highway to be sure I'd be ok. He was very helpful, Thank you."

(I-93) 12-24-10

"I'd like to say thanks for being there when I ran out of gas on 95S. I was on the side of the highway less than 10 min.s I think what you do is awesome. Thanx again"


"My rental car blew a tire just one mile north of the NH- Mass state line. Never being very good with spares and doubly nervous about the crazy traffic on I-95, I was incredibly relieved when this orange truck pulled up within about four minutes. Tom was a sight for sore eyes - he not only knew what he was doing, he was really prompt and cheerful. Thanks to him for helping avert what would have been a disastrous end to my vacation, and kudos to NH for offering such a service. Lucky for me the blowout happened there and not a mile south!!"


"I want to thank you for the service you provide to the commuters on the highways of NH. Dave, who stopped to help me, made an uncomfortable situation a lot easier."

(I-93) 10-22-10

"My car died on I-93, I was assisted by NH DOT Service Patrol. Pete helped me get a new part , get it back on and the car running. Your service was invaluable. Thank you."

(I-93) 09-14-13

"Dear NH Service Patrol, I want to commend Scott (last name ???)  for his prompt and courteous service yesterday afternoon. I ran out of gas on I-95 north near Exit 2 in NH, and had called AAA and was waiting for a AAA service truck to bring gas.  Scott took the initiative and pulled up to my car before the arrival of the AAA truck, and volunteered to pour 2 gallons in the tank to get me going before AAA arrived. cott was very courteous and professional, with a good sense of humor, and exhibited a true spirit of service during the entire time.  He should be commended for taking the initiative!"

(I-95) 08-16-12

"Quick, efficient, trustworthy! I was so relieved to be promptly aided by the service patrol when my tire blew out on 95 N by bridge 12 and though I cannot recall the young man's name, he was polite and swift during the humid 90 degree afternoon the week of the 20th."


"I am thankful the DOT service provider, Richard, came by when my rear tire blew out. He was helpful in starting the repairs while my AAA truck was on the way. Thanks again to the NH DOT Service Patrol operator and your program."

(I-93) 09-13-10

"I was assisted by NH DOT Service Patrol on I-93 South in Londonderry. I had a flat tire and the service provider that assisted me was knowledgeable, resourceful, patient, reassuring and helpful. Although I know the steps for changing a tire, the combination of the dark highway, fast moving traffic, minimal tools , inadequate lighting and a stubborn spare tire all contributed to making me very nervous. He skillfully changed the tire and had me back on my way in no time, turning a stressful situation into a remarkable story. I appreciate the service that is offered and my gratitude can not be adequately expressed, he was my knight in shining armor, I hope many good things come down his path."

(I-93) 09-10-10

"I'm not sure of the name of the man that helped me - but - he was very nice. He did a great job. Thank you so much! He was very helpful giving directions where I could get my tire fixed."


"Awesome service! I ran out of gas on the highway and he pulled over right a way to help, filled me up with no cost, and I was on my way! Very nice guy. Thank you!!"


"He was fantastic, do not get rid of this service, keep it going. This is a great idea."

(I-93) 09-01-10

"I was traveling north on 93, when I hit traffic and ran out of gas. I saw a state truck about 60 yards ahead, I ran up and sked if he had fuel, he did and gave me a couple of gallons to get me on my way. He refused payment when I offered. Thanks N.H.!"


"July 13th Interstate 95 Portsmouth 16:00 flat tire RV on Shoulder. We were heled very good, friendly and quick, and professional! Thanks a lot again!!"

(I-95) 07-13-12

"Last Week I had a flat tire on I-93 South, a gentleman that works for NH DOT, named Ed helped me change my tire. I feel you are providing a great service, protecting people in disabled vehicles, thanks a lot!"

(I-93) 06-14-10

"Your service does not need any improvement. I got a flat tire on a horrible rainy morning and within minutes a yellow - orange vehicle stopped; a gentleman stepped out and offered help. (A recent widow) I have no car knowledge. I asked if he had changed a Prius tire before and he cheerfully replied "It will be a first time for both of us". Thank you is not enough. He wouldn't accept $$ but I hope he realizes how quickly my day Brightened!"

(I-95) 07-10-12

"On the afternoon of 7-6-12 while travelling North on I-95 we experienced a mechanical breakdown with our Semi. Jim stopped , asked if we needed help, protected us with his warning lights while a bandaide repair was made where we were, then escorted us to a sage haven where we could make a proper repair. Our thanks to Jim in Truck361 for helping all of us stay safe!"

(I-95) 07-06-12

"Peter stopped to help me change my tire. I had started changing it my self, but the tire was so badly rusted on it wouldn't budge. It took some time and effort but he finally got the tire off. He made sure that my spare was properly inflated. If Pete hadn't stopped I most likely would have had to have my van towed, I appreciated his help."

(I-93) 05-24-10

"Pete immediately assisted me when I ran out of gas on I-93 South. He was incredibly helpful and kind and was there within minutes of my loosing gas. Thank you Pete and New Hampshire! N.H. is wonderful!"

(I-93) 05-17-10

"I got stuck on 95 and one of your patrol men, I didn't get his name, was more than helpful. I broke down on my motorcycle right near the tolls and he gave me oil, gas, and waited until I had a ride. Great guy. Great service."

(I-95) 07-02-12

"I broke down on 95N 7/1/12 at 2:45 pm. I was lucky enough to land near another broken down mororist was along with one of your workers I want to thank you for having someone out there he was very helful, offered water etc. He waited with me until AAA came w/ the tow truck. So friendly & polite. This is a wonderful service and I can't thank you enough to is. It is nice to know there's help if you break down late at night."

(I-95) 07-01-12

"I Had an alternator failure on I-93, was unable to get a tow from my dealership. Then a Service Patrol truck showed up in my rearview mirror. Dave hooked a battery pack to my truck battery and we made it to the dealership. Dave was helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you DOT, I owe you one!"

(I-93) 04-30-10

"Last night our truck's transmission blew. We weren't on the side of the road for more than five minutes, when NH DOT stopped to help us. He was very helpful and pleasant. He helped by getting my family and I to a hotel, we live three hours away. Thank you and I want NH DOT to know this service is wonderful."

(I-93) 04-07-10

"Arvid was the operator who stoped to assist with broken down mototcycle - He was tremendous and incredibly helpful - He stayed with me until the tow company came What a great service he provided!!"

(I-95) 06-28-12

"Arvid is the angel of I95, awesome guy, Thank you very very much."

(I-95) 06-27-12

"I ran out of gas on I-93 South and had just gotten a gas can out of my car and called my daughter to come and get me when NH DOT drove up behind me. He was very nice and helpful. I was not even aware that NH had this service but, was very happy that he came to my rescue. He gave me enough gas to get me to the gas station a mile away. Thank you for this help."

(I-93) 03-18-10

"I was broken down on the highway with a flat tire, and after sitting there for awhile, Dave came along to help me. Being a single parent I was never so grateful for someone to come along and help me This is a great service that you offer. Thank you Dave for being there."

(I-93) 03-13-10

"Arvid Bacon was spectacular! Right on time! He deserves a raise. He saved the day! How awesome that he just showed up and got us going again with just a little gas Thank you so so much. There needs to be more of what you are doing in other places."

(I-95) 06-13-12

"I want to thank the DOT and a gentleman named Tom for his assistance 6/9/2012. I ran out of gas and Tom porvided enough gas to get me to Portsmouth. My problem took place on Rte 95N just past the Hampton toll. Again, Thanks for your serice and your employee Tom."

(I-95) 06-09-12

"I want to thank the State Trooper that came to our aide. I got a flat tire on I-93 and when the Trooper heard I did not have AAA, he sent the Patrol Service to help. It was late and extremely cold, my children and I were afraid, being stuck on the highway at night. Then Service Patrol came, changed my tire at no cost, and my family and I were safely on our way. Thanks so much for your help."

(I-93) 02-16-10

"Wonderful service, warm, friendly and helpful. I ran out of gas and he quickly got me back on the road. I had children in the car with me so, it was especially important that I get home and out of the cold quickly. Thank you."

(I-93) 02-10-10

"Please pass along my sincere gratitude to your team on I 95, especially Arvid. He is the true public servant, diligent, courteous, and determined to provide timely assistance. Earlier today on I 95 Northbound, we required roadside asistance. A tire had blown out between Exit 3 and Exit 4. Arved arrived before AAA did, and went right to work changing a flat tire. We ran into a snag with one of the lugnuts, but he persevered. He was with us trying to get us back on the road for the better part of an hour. Please thank him again for me."

(I-95) 06-10-12

"Ran out of fuel on I95 just before exit 2 6/3/12 @5:45 pm. Your service patrol truck came to my rescue within 10 min. Your employee greeted me with a big smile & appeared very happy to be of assistance. He even carried diesel fuel for my VW diesel car. Thanks for your help."

(I-95) 06-03-12

"I was not only impressed with the service , but very grateful. I was calling AAA when a state officer came by. He had the Service Patrol there in minutes, I could feel the cars passing by on the highway so I was somewhat scared! Thank you, thank you!"

(I-93) 01-26-10

"I just wanted to thank you for the service you provide. I was stuck on I-93 with a flat tire. A nice man by the name of Lee pulled over and helped my change the tire. Thanks once again."


"The service that your worker provided me was a lifesaver. I blew a tire on my travel trailer in the Hampton E-Z Pass lane. I am in my 70's and am a disabled veteran, and had my autistic grandson with me and called AAA and was told they were unable to help me! Your man showed up and saved the day!!! Your service was no charge. Keep up the good work, and thank you very much! Al Morris P.S. If you need a spokesperson for your Hwy dept. I am your man at 'no charge'"

(I-95) 5-31-12

"Ted was a God send. My 3 year old and I were stuck by the side of the road and in a traffic jam. My car wouldn't start and I didn't know exactly where we were and AAA wasn't sure how quickly they could get to us. Lucky for us Ted showed up and fixed the problem. It didn't look like the car was going to start but Ted didn't give up and eventually he has us on our way. He was friendly, professional and VERY helpful!"

(I-95) 10-10-11

"Recently, I ran out of gas on I-93 and I was trying to contact AAA when your Service Patrol vehicle came up behind me. The driver put gas in my car, enough to get to a gas station. Keep doing what you are doing."


"Thank you for the help. I had a flat tire on I-93 and your employee stopped , he was pleasant and very helpful and put on my spare tire. I am 82 years old and would not have been able to do that myself, thank you."


"It was comforting to know that NH has this service. I had already called my motor service and was waiting for the tow truck, but had I not had a cell phone or a motor service, I would have needed the NH truck. The man was very courteous and helpful. I hope you will continue the Service Patrol."

(I-95) 10-03-11

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